M2 MoS Air - Red Rum - F/S/T

- I do not ship first;I ship USPS/FedFex
- money needs to come via paypal/cash
- you cover fees (or gift it)
- I don't ship till money clears!!!
- My gear is working when i ship it, if you get it and break it I'm sorry
- By contacting you agree to all rules

Redum M2 With MoS Air - Have an amazing Dye M2 with MoS Air for sale/trade. Will come with case (broken zipper from when I got it), barrels, everything else it would new (minus multi-tool) and the charging mat.

Cosmetics 9/10 (plastic back button color rubbed off)
Mechanical 10/10
Overall 9.5/10

Price: 550

Trades: ca$h, luxe/cs2/etc (+I add)