Pm6 x2 and PM5 FS

Looking to sell, may consider trades but cash is preferred. Please DM me with any questions , prices are OBO, but be reasonable if you think it’s not worth what I listed it for then please feel free to move on. Prices reflect without ASA, if you’d like an asa it will be extra.

Blue to black fade PM6 $185
tadao flashed stock board. Has ramping but minimum bps with eyes on is 14
Stock barrel
CP trigger
Hyper 2
Also has box
8/10 condition cosmetically has some scuffing around bottom of reg

Black and silver Pm6 $220
UL frame with Hatred board will do 10bps
Stock barrel
Tooless bolt cap
Hyper 2
Also 8/10 cosmetically

Olive pm5 $150
Pretty much all stock except the cp reg
Stock barrel
Stock board
8.5-9 cosmetically couple little scuffs here and there but overall pretty great condition