LV1 and HK RSX F/S

1. I don't ship first, I have plenty of feedback
2. Be respectful
3. Don't waste my time.
4. Please have your items ready to trade (if we are trading)
5. My items come as described, yours should too.

Just bought a Geo 4 so we have to thin the heard a little bit. These markers are in great condition and have been adult owned.

Lv1 is bone stock but comes with everything pictured (orings, detents, heavy rammer and allen keys), freak back is 684.

RSX has updated gold can and was just tech'd by SP around 6 months ago. Comes with everything pictured.

Lv1 - $700 OBO
HK RSX - $450 OBO

Can provide more pictures as well as a shooting video once the deal has been made.