Hip Hip Hoppers Away!!

Got a few hoppers on the block here.

OG Black Rotor with good windows, camo accent top and white speed feed $75

Green 18v Revvy with good shell and cracked top I replaced with a VL200 cap, original cap included $40

BT SA17 spring feed new in box $40

Black VL Quantum $30

Extreme Rage Overdrive, battery door rough but otherwise good shape $30

OG Tippmann gravity feed with Indian Springs cap glued on $20

Rotor color kit, red and white $20

Original Spire cap, smoke $20

Pink speed feed for velocity I think, $8 or I'll throw in with any other hopper free

Also have a green rotor speed feed I'll throw in with the rotor at asking price, or close to it.

The Rotor and revvy have both recently been used and work in the field. The other electronic hoppers power on and work as they should tested at home. I am pretty sure of the prices for the rotor, revvy and BT, the others I may be way off. Feel free to make an offer on any of the above. The prices listed include PP fees and shipping, which will be USPS Priority for the more expensive and/or delicate items, and the items which can go via padded envelope via first class will do so.

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