Extremely Rare Acid Fade Species Intimidator

Hello All,

Up for sale is my extremely rare Acid Fade Species Bob Long Intimidator. The marker is all original inside and some what of a time capsule. It was sitting in a marker bag for 12 years until now. My plan was to order the species trigger and new back cap from Dirty Works but my plans have changed. It is now up for sale.

- Extremely rare fade / marker
- No major scratches / dings / dents etc
- Original WAS board with working eyes
- No stripped screws etc.

- No species trigger
- Needs a ram cap
- No bolt plug (doesn't need it but they are hard to find)
- Could use a rebuild
- Power switch finicky (if you push it too far it turns off, wiring is fine)

Price: $515.00 shipped and paypaled. I have seen rebuild semi complete ones going for $650 - $700 on some FB Groups.

I can send more pictures / videos on request.

Thank you.