Angel IR3 FLY with Dye UL frame mod. Package F/S

Package available - 250 I'll eat fees and shipping (CONUS)

Offers accepted if they involve the Angel. Not parting the little stuff.

Time to move on from this fun gun. World Cup got me hyped enough to the point that I'm gonna try and play with a team next year and that means getting an updated weapon. Need to fill the coffers a bit.

Ir3 Fly with UItralight frame mod.
-Lucky board with Advantage PB chip
-Lucky eyes -Dye Airport -CCM low rise
-KAPP volly (I think i can find stock plug, no guarantees tho)

This is an As-Is situation. It's a player's gun with the wear to show for it. The eye mod was done unevenly. The eyes are aligned, but the taps for eye covers are wonky. I've modded the eclipse covers with some silicone to give them kind of a 'gasket' over the eye wires, but I doubled up and used some tape to keep them down too. The eclipse eye cover hooks do not grab the frame, I've tied them together with wire and cinched them down after screwing them in. It's not pretty but it works. I've preferred this to a Goop job.

Included is a bunch of barrels.
-16" one piece UL .688
-Stainless Freak with 14" silver front .689 inser
t -10" DYE Aluminum
-JT Kit. 688 and 686 stainless backs, 16" red and 14" blue fronts.

Give me 275 and I'll spice it up with a VL Revvy in great shape and a VLocity in great shape. Couple pics have an HK reg grip and DerDer barrel wrap, they are NOT included.