I quit playing three years ago. SPLASH ANNO GSL, M2 Hoppers Tanks EVERYTHING

I'm just putting this up now to get the ball rolling. I stopped playing years ago and never was supposed to quit completely. But life took over, took on more responsibilities at work, got engaged etc. So I'm getting rid of everything. Here's what I know at this point (more so have pictures of)

Custom anno, full barrel kit PE GSL Black/gold/silver
Red/ Blue color swapped M2 (not the air or whatever)
Dye i3 rasta mask / dye rasta loader (i cant remember name of loader ill have it tomorrow)
Spire loader w/ speedfeed (red and blue perfect match on the m2)
a ninja sl tank (ill have to check size)
Jersey, pants, pods, ball caddy, knee pads, squeegees. Everything. As far as prices go, its hard to say. The more you take, the cheaper ill go...

But to atleast put prices on the markers for now.
$1400 on the gsl
$700 on the m2?