Fs: Ninja slx, bca sl2, sl77

Decided not to keep as many tanks on hand for 2019. Here's a summary of each. All are extremely clean(Two have never been to a field, BCA and SLX) and all have had full covers on at all times. No cracks in clear or gel coating. or issues at all. Not looking for any trades. Prices are paypal only. Again, no trades. Pictures are in the link below. Each tank comes with a thread saver and nipple cover. Please post then PM me! Thanks

Ninja SLX 10th Anniversary Tank 77 V2 Pro Brass Regulator(Hydro 10/18) $225 shipped
Ninja BCA SL2 77(Hydro 8/17) V2 Pro Regulator $200 shipped
Ninja SL 77 V2 (Hydro 1/15)Pro Regulator $150 Shipped

Link to all high quality pics: