••• Planet Eclipse Pure GSL - F/S •••

Planet Eclipse Pure GSL F/S, not much more to say - an amazing gun, needs an amazing new home. The only reason I'm looking to selling is due to student loans.

Price: $1350 SHIPPED OBO

Comes with:
- Planet Eclipse Pure GSL Colorway
- GSL #316
- Stock Trigger
- Deuce Trigger
- Planet Eclipse Gun Case
- Barrel Kit: .689 / .689 / .681 / 14" Front Tip
- Planet Eclipse Pro Shaft Tip
- Planet Eclipse FR Barrel Back
- GSL Parts Kit
- Both Bolts
- Planet Eclipse Allen Set
- Black Rubber Grips
- LNIB Board
(Installed at Atlantic City Open 2018 - this means the board has one year from install.
As of AC Open, GSL Boards are no longer warrantied.
However since I got lucky and got a new board installed.
They will warranty for one year from the date the board was installed)

Will not include:
- ePortal
- GSL Keychain
- GSL Extender ASA
- White grips
- Scythe Trigger