Empire Trracer FST

Bought this here couple months ago (i had nelson fever until i actually used one, now i love the single tube look, but don't NEED to own one lol).

anyway, it came to me with a partially stripped out front frame/body screw. after disassembly for inspection and cleaning, i was snugging it into place, and it just let go. there were partial threads left so i took it to work and tapped it out 12-24 (as opposed to 10-24 originally) since the remaining hole was only about 4 thousandths over the tap drill size for 12-24. the gun works flawlessly and the body holds tight to the frame now without issue! chronyd it at 280 average, runs 290 for about 5 shots on a fresh 12g, then settles into 280 for about 20 more, then about a 10 shot drop to around 250, then toast.

DISCLAIMER [12-24 is no longer a very common screw size in any industry, as such, if this body ever strips out again, it will need to be re tapped for 1/4-20 and ther isnt too much meat on these bodies. i will also include with this marker the rest of the box of 12-24 screws i purchased from Mcmaster in case you lose it]

anywho, i never even played with it, and it will include the stock barrel, spring feed, hopper adapter,BRAND NEW CP 12" .689, and a BRAND NEW CCI 12g changer im looking to get

$120 for sale

trades: Azodin KP3's purple flavors

for a trade i will obviously add cash, we can pm regarding the amount