Carter/Loo Duck With All Sorts Of Extras

I purchased this Duck here about 4 years ago. There were some Issues, so I sent it off to the man himself to make it right. Unfortunately, this coincided with him getting out of paintball, and moving, so it was in Earon's possession for about 3.5 years. Since then, life has changed a lot, and I just can't justify hanging on to this beauty with the amount and style I tend to play. Hopefully someone here will give it a great home and lots of field time.

- This Duck was built in the late 90's. The gun has a Loo slide with the "DD-68" machined off prior to polishing and anno. Earon finished the gun after Dave Loo passed away. The slide is narrower than the later Carter Ducks.
- According to Earon via the previous owner, this was the first gun to ever get the duck tail.
- Lightened SS hammer and custom machined trigger (done by ironchef97)
- Comes with 2 air setups; in grip twist knob, and BBA
- Brand new, non-duck tail rail to use with BBA valve
- 2 snubs, valve trains, and valve bodies (1 in grip, 1 BBA). I belive the in grip valve body is entirely new.
- Brand new feed cap
- 2 12g twist knobs, one slotted, 1 knurled
- Millet sights
- a whole mess of barrels: 2 small bore, slide length barrels (one is .673, one is I believe .677), a slide length barrel that accepts freak inserts, and my favorite, and extended length, 2 piece ported barrel with a thread-on whoosh tip, also accepts freak inserts
- 2 velocity tools
- Epoxied feed tube, 11 round capacity (The new feed tube cap might have bumped that up to 12, but I haven't checked).
- Gun is clear anno, not raw

As I mentioned, the gun was totally re-worked by the man himself. Beautiful gun, feels and shoots exactly what you would expect of a duck, and has some neat pieces of history.

Here is the bad: All of the new parts are raw, and are not fully polished. That includes the 2 fixed bore barrels, the tail-less rail, and the new feed cap.

I will take some more pictures tonight with better lighting, with the whoosh tip, etc.. Happy to take any detailed pictures that any serious buyer wants, just PM me. Could also do the same with a firing video if needed. Also, here is the old thread with a few more pictures (from when I bought it):

$3,200 OBO. I will Accept payment plans (as long as there is a concrete schedule). Not really interested in any trades at the time.

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