[WTS] [MN] Paintball lot, spyder sonix, other goodies - Round II


I've decided to get out of paintball and want to sell off the remainder of my old gear. I haven’t used the marker in quite some time, so they probably need the o rings checked. (possibly 2008/2009 was the last time they were fired). The price is mainly to cover shipping. Here are the items:

Spyder Sonix – If I remember correctly, I changed the main spring back in 2007 and swapped the feed neck for one with a clamp. Included are, two barrels (black long one, red short one), one barrel blocker, one bag of spare o rings and parts.

Remote Lines – The one with the orange turn wheel needs an o ring replaced at the male end of the line. Otherwise both work fine.


Valken Jersey – Gold and White themed from around 2008, worn all of 20 min to try on and walk around the house in. Size M

Electric Hopper – Some brand of basic electric hopper that runs on 9V batteries.

Price: $45 shipped, I'm just trying to cover shipping with the price. I don't intend to make any money off this. (CONUS, if outside CONUS let's talk)

Pics Updated Time Stamp Thanks for looking.

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