2K12 OLED Bob Long G6R

Hey Nation,

For sale today I have a 2K12 OLED Bob Long G6R. The marker color is Dust White/Pink accents. Please PM me for fastest response.

This marker is all original as you can see and has the original barrel, which has no tip wear. This marker was recently sent in for routine service at Field One and includes brand new 2C eyes.

Performance Rating - 10/10
-Recently serviced at Field One
-Video of marking shooting available
-Board turns on fine and is clear to read
-Board has been updated previously, though not sure if brought up to most current version when being serviced
-Board easily adjusts through settings and modes. One of the easiest electronic markers to customize that I have used

Cosmetic Rating - 8.5/10
-Has some scuffing on the body from normal use and some marks on the clamping part of the feedneck, but not easily seen.
-Clean barrel tip and accent parts for the large majority

Asking $475 OBO Paypal'd and Shipped

Feel free to reach out with any questions!