Dark Timmy, War Machine Assault 80, Sonic Cyborg

First up:

Dark Timmy
-Shocktech bolt
-Shocktech feedneck
-New Hybrid Grips
-Newly installed Vapor Works Board
-Extra Frenzy 127.4 board, needs microswitch swap
-Lucky .689 barrel, missing one jewel
-CP Rail, CP Reg
-CP bleed on/off, needs new macro fitting

$250 plus pp obo

War Machine Assault 80
-All stock
-slight leak from microcline going into the body
-Unimount on/off

$350 plus pp obo

Sunset Sonic Cyborg
-Matching 7 piece Matchstick barrel
-Redz barrel kit
-Tadao Board
-CP on/off
-Bolt jewel missing-body jewel fell off, still included
-Missing 1 reg jewel
-Original soft case
-slight leak down the bolt

$350 plus pp obo