Quitting sale

I'm getting out of the sport so I'm selling all of my gear.

Dye M2 mosair- 5500 shots on it not dings or scratches what so ever. Includes everything it would new and blank warranty card. Will include charging pad and M2 display stand - $700 obo

Shocker RSX- $350 obo. Includes case, barrels, insert, parts kit, and barrel bag. It has the slightest leak. I think it's from the reg and I can't clean or lube it because I don't have the right Allen key.

Purple spire 3- $150 Has everything it would new

Spire 260- $90 obo. Works perfectly fine

Purple ninja 77/45 06/16 born date- $135 Has ninja thread saver and nipple plug. Includes exalt case

Bnib virtue vios- $115 each. Only taken out to try on

Atomic pickle 50 count- $20

Bnib exalt barrel made- $10

Bnib HK Army eject pack 4+3 - $40

Dyecam pack + 4 virtue pods- $50

*not pictures freak insert kit- $50