beautiful blue CCM T2

Ok, so I'm terrible. I just bought this a couple months ago and really just plain don't need it. i don't recall the first owner mentioning it (I'm #2), but this is CCM's "semi-gloss" tumbled finish. Basically a satin finish. Comes with a near-perfect color matching Freak barrel as pictured (except Insert not included!).

The good: it has never been used in a game, is super pretty, and comes with pictured Freak barrel (sans insert) in addition to stock.

The bad: the prior owner didn't package it well and the stock barrel rubbed against the left side of the vert ASA in shipping. It's not terrible, but there are small spots on each that are missing ano. I'll see about taking some additional photos this evening.

Looking for $550 PP'd/shipped. Not particularly int'd in trades, thanks!