Two Geo 3.5's! Pure & Grey/Black!

1. Be nice and the transaction will be smooth.
2. Please post before PM'ing.
3. All of my gear works flawlessly unless otherwise stated.
4. PayPal only. I'd rather not deal with money orders.

Hello Nation! Unfortunately, my brother and I are getting out of paintball for a little while. But the good news is you can buy these sexy beasts from us! :tup:

Now on to the pics and details. The guns are in great condition and other than normal wear and tear, they're beautiful.

The Pure 3.5 will come with the hard case, spares bag, manual, PE grease, the barrel cover, stock barrel, and a matching .685 barrel back.

The Grey/Black 3.5 will come with the card case, spares bag, manual, PE grease, stock barrel, and allen wrenches.

$650 for Pure Geo 3.5
$600 for Grey/Black Geo 3.5