Quitting Sale: Geo 3.1, Masks, OG Pro Jerseys, Virtie S

Trying to sell the last of my gear before I'm done with the sport for now. Used all these while I still played college ball in Texas but grad school is my life now so I have to sell it all. Feel free to message me any questions and all gear is OBO

  1. Blue/black Planet Eclipse Geo 3.1, comes with the case, manual, lube, and allen keys. $450 OBO
  2. Virtue Spire-Won me a PSP World Cup back when PSP was still around, $80 OBO
  3. Vforce Profilers- Pretty new lense, strap in great shape, $45 OBO
  4. Dye I3's-One frame needs new foam but the other one is fine, comes with two frames and two lenses. $40 OBO
  5. Chicago Aftershock jersey - name on the back is David Simmons, never even taken out of the packaging, $30 OBO
  6. Window Lockdown CXBL jersey - $60 OBO
  7. ASSAULT Jersey - $35 OBO
  8. Texas Storm 2001 OG jersey - $75 OBO
  9. Purple Crossfire 68/45 - hydro is 07/13 - $70 OBO
  10. Guerilla Air 48/45 - hydro is 06/11 $30 OBO
  11. Edge 68/45 - hydro is 11/13 $65 OBO

Pics: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7Sa-Ar130GlUS1EYV9aUEJoSTg?usp=sharing

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