I live in Philly and I need three tanks rehydro. The paintball field near me is asking $50 for pass or fail on my tanks. Does anybody know somewhere I can get my tanks rehydro, that is close to Philly or NJ, that I can get it cheaper. My tanks are born 2012. Thanks

So i have this alias thats been sitting for a few years. It needs a rebuild,cleaning and the membrane switch fixed or replaced. Along with some miscellaneous hardware.(grip plate screws, trigger switch screw (on the board)). It could use eyes too. I would like to send it to someone who can fix it and get er going again. Also have a dm4 that needs an o ring service and cleaning and tune. I posted this instead of flooding every ad with a "hey fix my crap" lol. Please PM me if

Having issues with my solenoid I changed to reb ball and seal but its still not preforming properly looking for someone who knows them better to wrench on it! 973-919-8312

Is anyone currently or planning to start boring barrels for the XL inserts?

Experienced designer making logos for good prices. Message with questions!

My 3.5 just recently started leaking out of the SFR. Ive pulled everything apart making sure to clean any debris as well as changed solenoid gaskets and the leak is still there. I noticed that if I turn the SFR completely to the "3 o'clock" position the leak somewhat decreases. Do I need to just replace the Solenoid completely? Any other options since a new solenoid is $150? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Anyone out there that still do this? would like to bore out an old PE back and UL back for freak inserts.

No more, no less. Need complete by the 1st of April.

I have 2 guns in need of Repair, First one is a Dye DM4 which just seemed to start having some leaking issues from inside the frame and also was having problems when I was geting it to shoot droping off as soon as I started to shoot fast. The second gun is a WGP Super Stock Electronic Autococker. Im having problems with this gun too leaking and also wont cock back and shoot. The only way it shoots is if I manually pull back the Ram to cock it and then it will shoo

So i just recently bought a proto rize maxxed and its been giving me many issues. The led light continues to flash green which means the eyes aren't seeing right.Ive tried everything from taking apart the gun to look for pinches in the wire to changing the battery and cleaning the eyes but the problem continues to persist so until my eyes are working the gun is capped at 10bps.

If you have questions, please read the first two posts completely before sending me your shipping info. There are pricing examples in the second post. Here's the TLDR up front:Both parties agree to a deal and post exactly what they expect to receive in this thread.The gun(s)/gear are sent to me and the fees/shipping are paid.I look them over.If anything is not as described, I consult with both parties and see if an agreement can be r

Hello all, my brother and I have started our own marker repair and maintenance business with the hopes of being able to help some people out with their broken, leaking or just plain neglected paintball guns. We do everything from Simple bolt, reg, and LPR rebuilds to full on overhauls. We can also tune your markers for a better shot and consistency. We specialize in the following brands: Luxe, Planet Eclipse, Dye, Empire/Mini, and smart parts. Old models or new we can have it up and running

Hey all live In south Fl and trying to find someone locally that can machine a cocker outkast to half block. Pm and let me know if you can or know someone in the area Thanks all

Hi all, I have a .684 UL barrel back and need it freak bored. Can anyone do this for me? I reached out to TJD but it seems he is closing shop. Thanks everyone

Good Afternoon All, As some of you may know, i have been buying/selling/trading since 2005. Over the years, i have solidified my skills and have been able to flip paintball guns, soft goods, sneakers, and everything else i have decided to sell. This is how it will work: send your items to me, and name your price. The consignment split will be 80/20. If you are interested, please PM me, and we will get the ball rolling! Best Regards, An

Paintball, especially at the highest tournament levels, requires you to not only practice strategy every week, but perform the same level of physical training (sometimes more) than most competitive mainstream sports. That being said, not many teams are willing to make the commitment to the physical end of things, and suffer from a future of mediocrity

Looking to get me Nt11 anno dipped. best place??:runaway:

I am coming up on 10 years in the paintball industry owning and teching guns, I have owned many guns in various brands, and have teched all my own guns and help tech guns at my local field, I have started fixing guns locally and I want to offer this service to others, I am familiar with: Dye: DM 7-15 NT 10-11 Planet Eclipse: Geo 1-3.1 Ego 5-11 Etek 1-5 Etha Proto: All models Azodin: All mo

3D Printed NXL Bunker Set for 2016 1:60 to scale can design PSP/NPPL field layouts upon request. Design charge will be added. Includes new for 2016 "W" and mini "W" for NXL layouts 4-Maya Temple 4-Temples 4-mini Cakes 4-Tall Cakes 6-Snake Beams 4-Cylinders 6-Large Doritos 2-Small Doritos 4-Mini "W" 1-Center "W" 8-Tree Pillars 10-Player

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