Hey guys, my Shocker RSX wont shoot. Balls feed into the gun, air goes trough it but only slightly. I think it may be a solenoid issue but not sure. I’ve changed batteries and nothing. Please help if you can!

Version 2 Thread Making a new thread because the last one got very cluttered and had alot of success. I am still sanding and polishing stuff for many people. I have a bunch of pics in the following posts so if your worried i havent done any before just look there and you will see most of my work. I have been doing paintball markers for about 8 months and really enjoy doing it. I have had a couple of years of experience before this but for the last 15 months I started doing paintball

(Hopefully I found the correct form for this sorry if not) At NXL Las Vegas Open I am up for hire for photos for only $100 per team for the whole event!!! Since how this is the first NXL event I’m doing photos at I’m capping this at 6 teams MAX (4 Xball and 2 5man). I have 1 team that reserved a 5man spot so I have 1 5man spot left for booking. All 4 Xball spots are open for booking!! Pass this along to any team you know that’s looking for pictures at the season kickoff e

Looking to buy a new or used splatmatic xj40 paintball gun. I currently have one that the trigger mechanism needs repair. Looking for help. Trying to installed the marker in a 1/6 RC Sherman tank. Thanks for the help. Jim

Vintage Paintball - Tech Service Everything can be found on our website! http://vintagepaintballpark.com/service/ Basic items: All paintball gun repairs are billed at $30.00/hr + Parts! Most basic paintball guns, paintball tanks, and paintbal

I have All Day Paintball Passes with gun and equipment included. Only thing you will need is to buy Paintballs and Get the Air at the Field. Tickets Valid at Paintball parks in California; are Antioch, Sacromento, Hollister, Davis, Petaluma, Antioch, San Jose, Sunol, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Palmdale, and more in L.A area. Several parks in other states also. Over $35 dollar value. May be willing to negotiate depending on number of tickets wanted. No scams please. My number i19257271703

Hey, I'm looking for a couple people/businesses that are great for Custom Ano jobs! I have little to no connections when it comes to Custom Anos so I'm not sure where to start. Where can I look? Any suggestions? Any help is much appreciated! Marker: Geo 3.5 Color: Red/Black

I do videography for sports. I also used to play a lot of paintball back in my hey day. I can shoot video from 20 feet in the air, with out a drone. I'm base out of Austin, Texas but can do a little traveling. I do everything online. After raw footage is shot, I upload to google drive within 24 hours and send you the link to download and do whatever you want with it. Interested? www.4d5sportsmedi


Looking for Ion amateur

I want a custom trigger, charging handle, and compensator/flash suppressor for my tippmann tmc. Who wants to make some money?

I have an 06 PE shaft 693 i want to get bore'd. A couple ultralite backs aswell.

$25 for logo or flyer: www.facebook.com/yoshdesigns

So I’m trying to go with an all blue setup and my green GTI as much as I love it does not blend in. What is the absolute least I could get the colors changed for on it professionally. Not sure where to put this so I’m leaving it here for now

[email protected] if you need any advise or leak problem just email me with problem if in ny area or capable of driving to ny email me and I can repair on spot

Hi, I have a bitchin' Karnivor Pro in terrific condition that I bought this year. I had it tuned up and it's timed pretty well. The only thing is that the velocity is kind of all over the place on the chrono which is annoying (+10/-30?) Seems to have some pretty big drop off more than up spikes, but I generally have to down-chrono it to around 270 or 280 to make sure I am not drilling people above 300. I have been told it could be the main cocking spring, but more

My company Flash Printing does cheap Sublimated Drifits and bandannas Pm me or follow us on Facebook... Flash Printing and Sublimation

Hey I am trying to get a few custom jerseys created. As I have zero artistic skills I am reaching out to see if there is anyone who makes custom logos for paintball

Overview: TierX Designs is an affordable way to get your team, channel, website or business off the ground with professional level graphics from a fellow paintball player. TierX specializes with the design of may of your paintball related products as well as some of the run-of-the-mill design norms. Pricing: Contact us here or on Facebook for a free quot

As I posted I'm looking for someone to do custom fabrication of some parts, preferable in metal, but also in plastic. Have a project with and Angel adapter and another with the Crosman 3357 revolver.

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