I need to get a insepshon designs retro hornet cocker serviced and need to get some stuff repaired on a 06 ego that I or My local pro shop caint figure out. Any recommendations. I know ANS gear does repairs but I don't know how reliable they are.

I am coming up on 10 years in the paintball industry owning and teching guns, I have owned many guns in various brands, and have teched all my own guns and help tech guns at my local field, I have started fixing guns locally and I want to offer this service to others, I am familiar with: Dye: DM 7-15 NT 10-11 Planet Eclipse: Geo 1-3.1 Ego 5-11 Etek 1-5 Etha Proto: All models Azodin: All mo

I’m looking for someone with good feedback that lives in Canada and is willing to purchase some items from Paintballgear.ca and ship them to me here in the states. I would do it myself but they don’t ship to U.S. addresses. Will cover shipping, PayPal fees, and obviously add a fee for the service. PM me.

I'm in Southern California and need to get my DM15 serviced any places nearby San Clemente/Irvine area that can do that?

I have an older Empire Axe that's having typical velocity problems. It used to work just fine until recently. I've torn apart the bolt, replaced every seal, replaced the battery, reset to factory defaults and done everything I know possible to address the problem and within my expertise. (Have not monkied with the solenoid.) It's not worth much but I'd like to get it fixed and am looking for someone that can work on it for me. (No local field or shop options.) Woul

If you have questions, please read the first two posts completely before sending me your shipping info. There are pricing examples in the second post. Here's the TLDR up front:Both parties agree to a deal and post exactly what they expect to receive in this thread.The gun(s)/gear are sent to me and the fees/shipping are paid.I look them over.If anything is not as described, I consult with both parties and see if an agreement can be r

Does anybody freak bore barrels still

hello, recently got my gold barrel back bored and the guy gouged and scratched the outside of my barrel and left a ring around it..been rubbing brasso on it to smooth out the gouge, now just wondering what to do for paint, either touch up paint, a gold sharpie or some type of spray paint, i know if i use touch up paint then it will leave a texture to it. if anyone has any recommendations on paint then please lead me in a direction... thanks

Im looking to get a couple barrels bored for freak inserts. I have found a few threads on the nation listing different places but most of those websites are shut down. The most recent place I found was stanchycustoms, but he hasn't replied to my emails and I see his facebook hasn't posted since November so maybe he is gone too?

Hey everyone, I have the equipment to make custom vinyl decals. I can make decals in just about any color, or in a carbon fiber style vinyl. They are great for windows, on your bumper, or any other smooth or glossy surface. I will try to figure out how to attach photos for reference below. Pricing will vary upon size, quantity and color. Average will be around $5/ each. Quantity discounts will apply, 10 for $4.50 each, 20 for $4 each etc. All quotes and pricing in

If i want to get my gun re anno'd what do i habe to do/where can i have it done... do i strip the gun and send it away or do they do that and whats the average cost?

Hey, I am a designer that is looking for teams to design for. I have designed Jerseys, T Shirts, Banners, and Business cards. I have most the of the Anthrax templates. Prices: Jersey(fully customizable/unlimited changes): $80 Anthrax Team Package (fully customizable/unlimited changes) $125 **If you need other things designed like headbands I can do those too** PM for more info or email: [email protected]

Version 1 of the Thread https://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=4040929 Version 2 of the Thread https://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=4070271 Version 3 of my Thread

Hello today I am opening a thread to start sanding down and polishing your paintball equipment. I am able to do most items just post and pm me with what u need done. My prices are flexible and are based on what parts you want sanded and polished. The process: I use multiple grit levels of sand paper to get it fine with little to no scrathes left, then I use my drill press with a polishing wheel attachment to polish the piece up. I have also gotten into using chemicals to r

Version 2 Thread Making a new thread because the last one got very cluttered and had alot of success. I am still sanding and polishing stuff for many people. I have a bunch of pics in the following posts so if your worried i havent done any before just look there and you will see most of my work. I have been doing paintball markers for about 8 months and really enjoy doing it. I have had a couple of years of experience before this but for the last 15 months I started doing paintball

Hi all, I have a background in engineering and own a machine shop. I own a 3-axis milling machine and am looking to take on some simple work modifying parts, such as milling striker channels for pump conversions, slots for top/side cocking, or whatever you can think of. Every project quoted individually. No fancy flames or anything as I'm not set up for CNC at this point. Thank you! Terry

I am a photographer that is willing to work with teams for a day or weekend to take photos, videos, build a website etc. please take a look at an example. www.brunkephoto.com My rate is very reasonable, and I honestly have more fun with this than any job! Please PM me! I am in DFW and frequent Paintball Fit

I’m looking for someone that can help Me have the luxe be like butter. In the Los Angeles area.

I need 3 man jerseys for cup. Really only looking for custom printed polyester long sleeves with our names, numbers, and logo on it. If you know someone capable of doing this at a reasonable price lmk. Thanks!

3D Printed NXL Bunker Set for 2016 1:60 to scale ************************************************** ************** No new field layout for NXL 2017 ************************************************** ************* If field design changed between order and world cup 2017 I'll send out changes for shipping fees. Can design PSP/NPPL field layouts upon request. Design charge will be added. Includes new for 2016 "W"

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