Hey I am trying to get a few custom jerseys created. As I have zero artistic skills I am reaching out to see if there is anyone who makes custom logos for paintball

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As I posted I'm looking for someone to do custom fabrication of some parts, preferable in metal, but also in plastic. Have a project with and Angel adapter and another with the Crosman 3357 revolver.

Ive seen a few pics online of top dovetail rails for Tiberius T8.1, anyone still making them?

Missed the first Free Reign?? Heres your chance to get in on round 2. Customers pick colors. I choose design. You get a high end job at half price. **2 week turn around. Pay half up front and half upon completion.** Blizzard Anodizing is looking for a few free reign markers. There is a fee so please PM me for further details. These fill up fast so don't miss out. You can see current work at:

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I was wondering if anybody knew of anyone of a place that has experience in fixing Vanguard markers? I have a Demon that is leaking from the grip frame and I just do not have enough experience working on markers to diagnose what is going on. I did replace a fair amount of the orings but it did not fix the issue. Any idea of someone I can contact or a place I could send it to be worked on? Thanks.

Looking for someone who has replaced their dead OLED screen with a new one. I've found a PBN user how has screens. My screen isn't soldered on, its got two 3-pin connectors. I can post pictures once I'm home from work, I guess PhotoBucket won't work here.

Bought this a while back, and would like to have it up and running one of these days. My First Autococker actually, just inexperienced with them, would like to have it tuned. #4842 (Bhpitts previous owner) http://imgur.com/Gdihds3 Problems *Needs new pump arm *Needs chrono'd *Timing/bolt breach/firing timing *Asa forward drop screws are seize, not really wo

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I live in Philly and I need three tanks rehydro. The paintball field near me is asking $50 for pass or fail on my tanks. Does anybody know somewhere I can get my tanks rehydro, that is close to Philly or NJ, that I can get it cheaper. My tanks are born 2012. Thanks

So i have this alias thats been sitting for a few years. It needs a rebuild,cleaning and the membrane switch fixed or replaced. Along with some miscellaneous hardware.(grip plate screws, trigger switch screw (on the board)). It could use eyes too. I would like to send it to someone who can fix it and get er going again. Also have a dm4 that needs an o ring service and cleaning and tune. I posted this instead of flooding every ad with a "hey fix my crap" lol. Please PM me if

Having issues with my solenoid I changed to reb ball and seal but its still not preforming properly looking for someone who knows them better to wrench on it! 973-919-8312

Is anyone currently or planning to start boring barrels for the XL inserts?

Experienced designer making logos for good prices. Message with questions!

My 3.5 just recently started leaking out of the SFR. Ive pulled everything apart making sure to clean any debris as well as changed solenoid gaskets and the leak is still there. I noticed that if I turn the SFR completely to the "3 o'clock" position the leak somewhat decreases. Do I need to just replace the Solenoid completely? Any other options since a new solenoid is $150? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Anyone out there that still do this? would like to bore out an old PE back and UL back for freak inserts.

No more, no less. Need complete by the 1st of April.