Hello nation, just keeping it short and simple. Dont care about posting rules blah blah blah.. Just don't be stupid. we've all done business on here. So we will talk and make a deal Just a few things I expect: YOU PAY then I SHIP. I Ship USPS priority every time. If you prefer to have shipped any other way then you will be adding accordingly. That is all. Azodin KP3 Titanium and Gold - 2 backs 1 front - case - allen key - orings

I'm too embroiled in the Phantom life and seeing as I just left my job, it's a good time to sell. Pre2k Mini (cut down from a full body) CCM Mini Kit CCM T2 Regulator CCM 45 Frame CCM Brass Auto trigger CCM Heavyweight Hammer CCM Macro Elbows Gun shoots great. I have some acrylic panels I can install instead of the Java grips if you'd prefer. Looking for $300 OBO Would love to trade for a Black ULE body

Urban camo...comes with Bucket changer with cart reg Bottom Line with reg Matching ano T-stock RTR 12ie knuckle Clamping feed neck Winchester Hopper 12 round stick feed Black and an urban camo finger cocking Over the barrel pump handle All the barrel inserts Parts kit Deadlywind autococker adapter Pbnation joyride pack and 10 round tubes $850 Text for pics can’t get them to load on here

Looking to offload this beauty to someone lucky enough to appreciate it. I just prefer my CCM’s over ID pumps. Looking for $650, got a little wiggle room. Attached Images

'Tis a sad day friends; my Phantom is up for sale. Bought it about 3 years ago I think, played with it a few times but snipers spoiled me. I don't want to sell but I don't use it enough and the money could be put to better use somewhere else. Okay shape, a couple knicks on the body and barrel though. I got it as a RF back-bottle, 11" barrel. The rail was filed when I got, I continued to use it for my red dot (It's for sale if anyone's interested). The grips

Airs up, fires no leaks Pay Pal Friends and family Shipping included

Hey guys , I have one of my sniper set up ready to go, I played with it this last season and now it is in need of finding a new home . Whats included : Purple PTP sleeper Matching T-slotted 45 frame Kapp trigger plate black aluminum grips CCM pre 2K pump kit Side winder reg Inception EZ Asa Stella Barrel (slim line tip and 685 back) 45/45 ninja tank with cover in hydro VL90 motorized loader

Basically mint condition. Everything But site rings included. $375. Attached Images

Halfblock milling and bolt by SSC Bolt sled by Mozak Palmers Stabilizer Vendetta pump kit Inception Slider w/ ID ASA ID bolt pin CP detent CCM valve HB milled WGP hammer V3 .684 Eingenbarrel PTP elbow This Bad Jackson has a super smooth pump stroke, heavenly trigger pull, and shoots like a champ as the name suggests. I can include a red Ninja SL2 68/45 tank with ProV2 reg for an additional 100 dollars.

I have a ff millennium thats been sitting for a long time. Copper/black $500 obo Having troubles loading pics to Pbnation, i havent been on in awhile.

For sale only Ccm S5B in field grade finish, no barrel Works great. $560 shipped https://imgur.com/gallery/Du2o9hH

Item: CCM Polished - Black/Silver T2 Condition: Used quite often but in good condition. Minor wear (shown in images) but nothing noticeable. Never no Leaks or no problems. Does not come with OG Barrel but will throw in DW 14'. Shipping: USPS w/ tracking + Signature. No international shipping. Price: $550.00

Breast cancer CCI Phantom pump. Came across this in a bundle purchase. Looks like it has been used a good bit. It was in pieces when I got it. From what I can tell it has all parts. Does need some work. Some plastic pieces were busted and I have glued all pieces to make them functional. Also the back of T-bar where shoulder piece is supposed to be screwed in it appears to be stripped. 200 to get it to your door. I will take care of pp fees and shipping. PM me and i will send my phone number

For sale is a decent condition WWP Razorback. Can't remember the exact model number, but this version has a dropout changer, right feed unibody, and a nifty muzzle brake. This gun seems to be having dropout issues, for some reason it can't pierce 12g's very well. I don't know if it's my 12g's, something wrong with the gun, or maybe I'm just an idiot. Either way, asking 60$ shipped. PayPal only. Pictures available via PM, sorry for that :(

palmer worked over PGP with bottom asa adaptor pmi grips ca adaptor and a cocker frame adaptor. 200 plus shipping.

Selling off my soul here. Was my daily driver, in beautiful condition, but now I'm turf bound for a bit on the electro side(I know, shame shame)... CCI OC RF black body ASP Detent modified Spare OC RF body included New valve, springs, orings, seal, hammer and set lugs. Dual rod pump kit (Vendetta Handle) Palmer's Stab PHD Hardline kit with CCM anodized macro fittings Rocker trigger installed (black, with green shoe) Dye Stickies(n

More Phantoms than I need so these are being rehomed. Woodland anno - $275 + shipping Black back bottle adapter, silver trigger shoe, wood grips. Mike says this is from ~2000 by a defunct annodizer AKA good luck getting matching parts. Some barrel wear/fading https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ao_93IKrljvngvUq4ontkv9HpRocJQ Blue and Black - $200 + shipping

Asking $600 including shipping and paypal fees. Comes as seen - no barrel/case/etc. Great shooter, I just have too much stuff and I don't play pump these days. Only trades are PE guns.

Brand New Empire Sniper For Sale. 500 gifted for the set up. Or you pay fees. Might be open to trades for a Electric Marker.

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