For sale only is an empire Trracer. Body has wear and tear. Works as it should. Will not come with barrel. Has sprung stick feed. Someone attempted to spray paint the marker green at some point. 80 obo.

This is a dust black brown t2 with gloss gold accents. This mint condition t2 has been sitting in my closet for some time and its time to liberate it. I am the original owner and this marker comes with the box that it would if you buy from ccm. Looking for 850 shipped and paypaled. Not desperate to sell so just going to ignore lowballs.

1 of 1, Custom Laser Blue FLE Predator, Niche, Autococker, Inception, CCM. Shipped with USPS Priorty. This is a custom FLE Predator. The body is originally an Inception Designs FLE body. Due to the thinness of the body, the only way to make the Predator style is to laser it. The gun comes with the following: CCM Internals Niche Pump Kit Inception Designs Regulator Inception Designs Bolt Inception Designs Feedneck Incep

I have a pink acid wash custom anodized Empire Sniper from ANSgear for sale. The gun shoots great with no leaks and has many upgrades. You can PM me but I will respond quicker if you text me at 951-306-2377. Upgrades: -Inception Designs hammer and spring kit -Inception designs Trigger -Inception designs pump rod -Colt 45 grips Included with the gun -Original anodized barrel and all 3 barrels backs -Original parts and parts kit

I’m looking to get back into the sport and want to try playing pump. I want to spend under 250 for something decent that I can get out and have some fun with. Let me know what anyone has up for grabs.

575 Shipped firm. Gold to silver fade AIM pump, with polished black CCM pump kit. Comes with a new polished black DYE .684 UL-s back and a DW double ported whip tip. New ANS valve, CP Gen3 reg and AD mount and on-off. 475 without the barrel. Thanks for looking.

Complete Duckslide Phantom kit. Has all the parts needed to set it up for VSC Quick Changer, Dropout Valve Pistol, Constant air, or any other combo. All the parts are acidwash orange. Considering it's age, I would rate mechanical and cosmetic condition as excellent. It shows sighs of light use, but otherwise great. Comes with accessories shown; 10 tubes, one freak insert of my choosing (if you need it), and a small bag of phantom spare parts (springs, seals, detent rings and

Hello, I am selling my black Sniper. It has the ID drift pump kit, ID hammer, geo low rise feedneck (comes with brand new OG feedneck) with a CP regulator and the stella CF barrel tip and barrel back in .685. Asking $300. I only use Paypal goods and services. I will pay the shipping if you pay the fees. Links for pics below. Can provide more pictures upon request. https

Up for sale is my CCM J12 - #42 Long story short: I am the second owner (as far as I know) but have owned it since 2013. It's been used only a handful of times, but for the last few years it has been stored. As much as I love this piece, at this point it is just sitting in a closet and it is time for it to be appreciated better. 2700 shipped and insured I have it in cut foam in a metal tool box, as well as the original CCM s

Selling my Empire Sniper + barrel kit. Haven't been able to play the last few years, so I'd rather someone was able to use it. It was leaking CO2 when I last tried to lube up the parts, so I imagine it just needs an o-ring. Asking for $150 OBO as is. $220 if I run down to the local repair shop and have them give it a check up.

Like the title states I have a beautiful Psychoballistics Autococker with a team Hooptie pump kit. This marker is immaculate. I do not even think it has seen a day of play. The marker comes with the original case, barrel, parts kit, and manual! The marker has a cp regulator and a cp direct mount on/off I haven't had the chance to air it up(closest place to get air is 1 hour and a half away) but my guess is you swap out the old orings that have been sitting and you're

After a CCM pump , anything considered. Please pm me if you have anything your considering selling or know of anyone and would be prepared to ship to the UK Thank you

Cash in hand, looking for a phantom. Color doesn’t matter. Prefer something I can throw a hopper on. Also the option of ASA is good. Again, $$$$ in hand

Hi Im looking to sell my karni for 600$ shipped. OBO please PM if interested!

Hi everyone, I have a CCM S6 with an 86 frame in gloss black for trade. I am looking for other CCM markers or a geo 3.1 with the stock core plus $$$. Txt me at (925) 701-1759 for pics or questions. Thank you

Urban Camo MVP 1.5 for sale only. 1200 Shipped and insured TYD obo. 702-624-5125 for pictures. Thanks.

I have for sale today what was once my pride and joy my beloved Pirate KP2. Full disclosure, I have been out of the game for awhile and this has sat in a closet untouched for about 6 years. Sold AS IS. Could definitely use a good lube and polish. Does hold air. - Has a quick change - Custom pump handle of unknown origins Price: 400 OBO

I have been looking for a replacement Empire Sniper Regulator Seal Adjuster (72473) and everyone is out. I tried to email Empire directly but their email correspondance doesn't work. ANS says they should be getting some soon but their website lists this piece as part of their "Graveyard item" and it has been discontinued. Whats my option, is their a replacement regulator seal that I could use instead? Thanks.

Hello. I have up for sale my Kryptonite that I got from Simon at workd cup 2013. This gun has been made with only the finest parts you can buy(thats subjective!). Ill list the parts below seperately but I want to point out that it'll come with the full Ressurection barrel kit AND a stock class set up; meaning a 13ci tank that I got from hustle and the empire spring feed thats been modified for rock and cock with a phantom feed gate on the end! Im getting out of the sport so no trades of any

Great Gun! Minimal Wear, and had the Sledge v2 Hammer Upgrade. 1150$ OBO

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