This is my bi-annual phantom to confirm that I still can’t shoot phantoms. And I can’t. It’s got some small scratches and I gave the barrel the fingernail polish treatment. $300

Selling a few more markers from my collection. 2006 Grey Ghost will include the stock, stock barrel, + .684 Black Lapco Bigshot Barrels + pretty sure this is .687 but will say just incase unknown Lapco Bigshot. Really great condition for the age with only a few marks near the 12 gram + a small issue with the SC feed being slightly offset to he left. (the actual feedtube is crossthreaded not the adapter. This will also come with an open class feedneck i forgot to picture.

Got my dream pump gun up for sale, it's been sitting for over a year and few months now so thought someone can put it to better use. I can't remember the exact color since ive had it for a couple of years now but it's a dusk blue and silver tone with clear pump handle and grips to match . Comes with 679,690 barrel backs for the strock barrel. Air it up and had no leaks and pumped fine. Pm me for my number and I can send you pics. I did you use it a few months before COVID so it did have its

Like the title says Want a Cocker Pump Or CCM Show me what you got Got Cash in hand for local. Los Angeles

Show me what pumps you have , not looking for kp3, kpc, & only snipers would want would be a blue one ,show me anything you may have thanks.

Looking to buy a pump. Either an Azodin Kaos Pump or an Autococker pump. Would like to spend under $250, I don't need anything fancy. Will also looking into CCM's for the right price.

Hi, Selling all my guns. Looking for $450 for this one or offer me. The case is not included unless you want to buy it as well.

Black Empire Sniper - $300 Stock barrel with .680 and .675 barrel backs GXG 50 round hopper Inception Designs Sniper Upgrades Starburst ASA plug Ninja 45ci 4500psi SL2

I have a CCM J12 $3500 shipped and insured. Will come with choice of factory barrel or Deadlywind Fibur-X8 (Will offer local pickup for $3200 - I'm located in Florida) I am the original owner having purchased it directly from CCM. It has seen the field twice and is pristine. Also will come with an Inception designs marker case Photos available via email by request. (Will post some later if I get a chance) *No Trades except f

This gun hasn't been fired since 2016. Send me some offers. Matte Black Dust / Gloss Purple & Petwer fittings to match barrel backs. - PLANET ECLIPSE 14" SHAFT FL BARREL KIT & Original CCM barrel with all backs - Hogue Grips

Send offers - interested in S6.5, T2 and ID models

Hi PBN, I bought this CCM not too long ago, I realized it wasn't the best decision at the time so now I am Selling it.

Hey have two guns for sale; Tactical Trilogy Pump Gun; Includes a Brand new Slice Pump Kit, Stock Class Harness, Hopper, Original Feedneck, hooptie pump handle 300 Pump Project: I was going to finish the project but I jump on the CCM wagon so i dont want to spend the time and money on it anymore. There are some parts that have not been on the paintball field. Honestly, I am debating of selling it. I am keeping the barrel I just thought it would be cool to ha

Hello, I am looking for a new/nearly new open class pump marker. Prefer to pick up and inspect in person at a local park. Pretty much all offers welcome. I’ve got experience with WGP conversions, CCM S6 and CCI phantom.

Hey PbN, Selling my KPC - Used it once and enjoyed my time! Selling to someone who will use it more. What’s included: -Forest Black/Green Azodin KPC Pump -Box with barrel, tools, extras, and barrel cover -Ninja 50/4500 with 06/2021 Re-Hydro and thread saver (06/2014 born) -GXG 50rd Clear Hopper (pickle balls not included) Total shipped from Denver: $250 Pics:

Putting my pink acid wash phantom up for sale. Matching stock. Three matching barrels. Acrylics (see pics for condition) Undercocking Kit $600 shipped/PP’d to the USA. Feel free to message with questions or for more pictures.

Selling this for someone, it’s been in a closet for a while. I did air it up, it does function. Has auto trigger if you aren’t familiar with this model. I’m not sure on the price so I’m going to say $50 shipped and PayPal OBO. Attached Images

For appreciation is a CCM 6.5 M in dust red/blue. It is new, unfired, and never gassed it up. It has the new style knurled on/off knob on the asa. There is a small anno flaw where the ivg threads into the body; it came that way to me from CCM. The marker comes with the yellow barrel sock, tools, and CCM patch as well, all unused. Included also is a slot blocker for the marker. The rubber grips pictured do not come with it; only the delrin grips pictured $1400 ship

CCM S6.5M Pump Marker - Semi Gloss Purple Black BRAND NEW with sizer 684, barrel condom and case. It has not even been aired up or shot yet by myself. I will send a new video being aired up and shot over a chrono for the new owner before it is shipped out Price is 1300 obo total paypald to your door

Looking for one of these, lmk if you have anything.

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