so these the type of markers i seen people turn into snipers or am i trippen

Looking for MVP preference PVN ready text me 510.283.1404 pay pal ready

Only used once, $250 shipped and pp’d to your door OBO. Mostly looking for money, but I'm open to trades.

Pretty little shooter. Comes with everything you see here. Slice pump kit, but I can sub in a delrin black-black CCM mini pump handle for a bit more. Comes with a silver 2" drop to match, just didn't have the time to dig it out. BRAND NEW CCM LOWER KIT. Doc's Bull

Very good condition. Marker only ,no barrel 180

Gun shoots great. $350 shipped obo

Azodin KP3 Pump Action Paintball Marker-$180 - Well maintained/lubed and cleaned after each use. - Please feel free to contact with further questions/pictures. - Willing to ship with additional cost to buyer. Works well. Comes with eclipse bag. Looking for $225

I'm selling my MVP. I Purchased it back in 2011 or 2012 from the BobLong trailer at NPPL Huntington Beach. The gun came anodized like this and I've only used it a few times. Its bone stock and in good condition. It does have a few minor scratches in the ano but other then that its in really good condition. I'm really not sure what these are going for these days so make me an offer. I'm also selling all my gear.

Please take a look at the pictures $850. You pay fees and shipping. PM me for more pix.

Brown and black CCM T2. Comes with CCM barrel sizers - .677, .679, .681, .684, and .687. Also has hitman mod. Also will come with two CCM o-ring kits. It is an earlier version with three guide rods. I will also include a barrel sleeve if you like one that I have (I'll send pictures). Good condition but has minor blemishes from normal use. PM me for pictures via email or text. Asking $550.

Bob Long MVP Rare factory ano PVN mod Barrel has been bored to accept Freak Inserts $1200 shipped OBO

Selling my Blood in the Water SC Phantom. Undercocking Kit Matching co2 bottle I've owned it for less than a year and I've never aired it up. Good cosmetic shape. $415 shipped/PP'd to US of A. Thanks for looking.

Works great with a smooth pump action. Just chronoed at 290 Some wear from regular play but nothing severe (some nicks on the barrel and a minor scratch to the ano just under the feedneck) Looking for $175

Empire sniper less than a case of paint through it. This thing sat in storage. Comes with oring kit and barrel kit. There is 1 insert missing. Looking for $250 Shipped.

​Need to give up on this project for other things in life! Just add your favorite pneumatics or pump kit and ASA. Please read entire description. Most of a really nice black (more like a "black cherry" in my opinion) to red fade ANS GX-3 Autococker. Not in perfect condition, but in good shape! idiot marks from age and previous owners as you will see on the feedneck, actuating rod hole, and here 'n there. Gave it a good cle

All- Up for sale is a clean lightly used ID Predator Mini Autococker. Comes as it would from the factory. Pics listed below. $850, no trades. Thanks for looking.

Empire Trracer with original barrel, feed neck and pressure (velocity) adjuster allen wrench in original box. Marker worked flawlessly and I stopped playing a few years ago so it hasn't been fired in a while but mechanically no issues at this time. $80

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