Alright guys I'm going to sell these in package deals to save on shipping. Everything is shipped/paypal. Package #1 -Sheridan equalizer (leaks) - Diablo pump (holds air never tested w/ paint) $70 Package #2 Spyders & diamond gt (last time tested these the Gt & silver spyder worked the others acted like they were out of air)

Prices include pp and shipping WGP trilogy- $120 each Dye tank covers- $15 each Two 68’s One 77 One 90 Pod pack w/ pods & mask - $30 (Mask has worn foam) Drop forward asa’s- $10 each Barrels- vary Bottom 3 ion threads - $20 for all Autococker threads- $10 each Middle (idk wth that is)- free with any purchase

SFL on the block! Unfortunately I haven't been getting to play much so it's time to trim down the collection. This has been used once since new. Don't think I've even put a full case through it. 1600. Insured shipping and Paypal fees included. I'll throw it in an Inception Designs case if the asking price is met.

Have a hybrid autococker is like to either sel or trade gunmetal grey and in great condition , was timed before it was put on the shelf and hasn’t been played with since. Very minimal wear. Text me for pictures 908 340 7541

Gog Enmey for sale. Has freak barrel, with rare tactical tip and insert. Aluminum feedneck, smart parts asa and rail.

Gog Enmey for sale. Has freak barrel, with rare tactical tip and insert. Aluminum feedneck, smart parts asa and rail.

Gunmetal WGP Orracle Parts: Shocktech bolt Kapp Beavertail CP On/ Off ASA Black Magic Regulator Stock lower internals as far as I can tell WGP stock barrel has some marks on it that are from the previous owner The 3 way does not seem to be the normal Orracle 3 way but i'm not certain It airs up with no leaks but the bolt wants to stay locked in the back position. The compression on the RAM seems good (both pulling a

tpx with 4 mags, dropleg holster, and a stainless barrel. $130 to your door. Usp with extra aluminium grip frame $75 to your door. Ptxtreme $60 to your door. Everything worked when I used it a couple years ago. PayPal only Attachment 69050

Operates fine, no leaks. Has factory bottomline and front sight ring. $50 shipped to the US. Canadian folks I'll split the actual shipping cost with you.Attachment 69044

Gloss black and chrome, WGP black magic with Ardus adjustable bore barrel up for sale. Undrilled and near mint. Only wear is on the Ram collar, recently tuned/teched and will be sending the new buyer a like new collar. $350 shipped/pp Post then pm TradesAttachment 69000

$100 CAD Recently got this guy from the stockpile of old stuff Badlands had on display in their studio. It's an AT85, that has had the side of the body internal sleeve and bolt cut (fairly neatly) for a pump arm, to effectively make it a Nelson valve pump. Pump arm is a shroud from an old Tippmann, which has been drilled and threaded for a pump arm. It was made pump by removing both the cycle and rocker assembly, as well as the reset button. It does cycle, charge and fire

Recently purchased a new frame for my cocker pump and my old trigger plate doesnt fit. So my old frame used a 2k slider plate so i need to find a pre 98 plate. Does anyone have a reliable place to find autococker parts. (I borrowed my friends pre98 slider and it fit fine. If i were to mark all the excess metal and mill my trigger into a pre98.) Any information on/where to find stuff would be greatly appreciated: Where to buy autococker parts Teching my cocke

WGP Trilogy Sport - It's been gone through by Palmers. PPS trilly reg, PPS fatty stabilizer, PPS brass barrel(spiral ported, with wedgits). Body Powder coated black as well as the barrel. Currently has a Venturi bolt, with a cut down block(gloss anno'd -not powder coated) as well as stock back block and barrel. Small nicks and scratches from being the loaner gun. *slight leak at clippard ram. Pics & Video of it shooting here:

Hey guys looking for a complete Gmek frame kit for my gtek. I can pick one up for $100 so obviously best deal gets my money.

Just cleaned and new o-rings where needed. Tested and ready to go. $117 OBO shipped

Twister on the block! This is brand new in the box. I haven't even put air to it since receiving from Committed Paintball. Just not playing as much as I'd like and would like to see it put to good use. 1300. Shipped with insurance and fees included. I can throw in a SAS delrin trigger plate (new) for another $30. Also will consider a reduced price if the barrel kit stays with me.

One of my older workhorses so it has been used but is ready to shoot....Shocktech bolt, stock bolt, stock pnues, should be stock internals (haven't messed with them in forever), check it on/off, CP reg and bored out Dye UL back with tip (14 in total length), removable feedneck (oracle feednecks won't fit) Will Ship USPS Priority with insurance to US Only!!! $400 shipped $350 shipped without barrel $300 shipped without barrel and Reg

Splash M1 Meteor Meteor body, valve, hammer, bolt, frame, feedneck inception, pneus, on/off, ivg, reg, .688 ultralight shocktech trigger shoe I can take a shooting video if someone needs one. $1,100 ppd shipped insured

got these G2's in a lot and need to move them to a new home. $100 each plus ship or meet me at an event and hand me cash. i will be at the fort monmouth event eatontown NJ april 12,13,14 i want to be at EMR castle May 3, 4, 5 i will be at NJ topgun's Karl Sr. memorial june 28,29,30

Hey guys I have pretty much a new emek I’m selling. Brought it to do a review, only been played with one time. Still I’m excellent condition. Pm your number for pics Asking $200.00 shipped with 100 round pal loader.

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