I love it but I need to move some markers to help pay for some life stuff. $300 Shipping and fees included, I am open to offers so PM me. Link to shooting video below, using about 900 PSI input -Retro valve with level 10 bolt (and all carriers) -custom fit PMR frame (with safety) -3d printed rail -Doc's barrel adapter -Stiffi CF barrel Gameplay video: https://youtu.be/QljUvZPbdik

E-blade Orracle cocker for sale. Hoping to get 400$ with shipping and fees included but I'm open to offers. Comes with matching double trigger frame. Worked great for me last weekend (see below for some game footage) This is one of the first cockers I actually had to fully rebuild and my first experience with E-blades. I'm sure it could use some refining to be an amazing shooter Gameplay video: https://youtu.be/HWMnYp3

2004 ProStock, still in original packaging. Airs up and fires great. Looking for $200 shipped. Please post and PM

This Blazer rocks. It was Craigs Personal Blazer and has lots of mods. It won't break paint. I did not get to use it very much. The last time I used it was at the final original castle. I sent it in for a tune up just before the game. It preformed flawlessly unlike this old guys body ;p I got tons of compliments on how it looked and how well it shot at the game. It has been in storage since then. Everything moves as it should when I cycled it. Want to ow

Up for sale is this PPS "Lori" Blazer. I picked this up from Mr. Red a year or so ago. The marker is in excellent cosmetic shape save a few scuffs here and there. I have never fired it, so I am not sure where it sits mechanically, but Mr. Red has always been great about the working order of his markers. The only issue that I know of, is that the trigger compression pin is a tad too small and is loose. I was going to send it to PPS but never got around to it. The marker includes e

Hello. Up for sale today is my personal 32 Degree Autococker. This marker was made by Shocktech (milled, parts, etc) and then sold under the 32 Degree label. That is why you will see "Shocktech" on the trigger frame, and also the gun is totally dressed out in Shocktech parts (although it originally didn't come with a Shocktech HPR

Attachment 62732 Attachment 62733

Automag Classic with Crown Point barrel, ready for some mech action ! $150 gifted or pay the fees (USA only plz). ;)

I have had this for a bit now, bought it as a pre-production model directly from Scott at ADN. I believe the final product will be released to the masses this fall, but do not quote me on that. I've messed around quite a bit with it in the yard and took it to a big game this weekend. I love the concept of magfed, and this gun is really, really cool, but I have never actually played strictly magfed before... and I found the style really doesn't suit me, sadly. I just don't enjoy it like I do

lightly used GMEK up for sale. 2 cases shot thru the gtek. 1 case shot today thru the mechanical frame. Blue/black in color. comes with everything a new gtek does except for barrel cover (which im including a british flag barrel condom now). stock eclipse barrel spare parts bag (gtek) spare parts bag (gmek) eclipse tool kit eclipse grease manual eclipse case $525 + fees. i take care of shipping.

I haven't aired or tested it. Sold as is. $150 shipped. Add for fees or gift payment please. Thanks! Pic link: https://ibb.co/dQ3Esy https://ibb.co/hW5G5J

I live this fun but I’m thinning down a smidge. Hasn’t been on the field in 2 years. Shot well last time I had it out. I will post pics when I can figure how to do it. Lol $350 shipped or best offer. *must go to good home*

Needs a barrel. Has not been shot in about 2 years. Worked great last time it was used. I will try to post pics shortly. $225

Purchased all of this gear for a company outing a while back and it's been in storage since. Marker o rings replaced after it was used and never used again. This is a one stop shop! Pretty much everything you need to get out on the field. Items include: Tippmann Alpha Black marker Valken tactical thermo mask Gen X Global tac vest fully adjustable X4 Gen X Global spring loaded speed tubes Valken tactical neck gaur

Looking to trade my eNMEy for an in hydro tank. Previous owner painted it. looks alright. He also cross threaded the back cap on. I managed to get it out, threads inside the firing can are good. Put thread tape on the bolt cap and it went in fine and doesn't leak. Small leak at bolt when first aired up but goes away after moving the bolt a couple times. PM me for pics can't figure out how to upload here.

Bought this ages ago and only shot it in my backyard. All 6 mags are toolless and were tested when I got them, but they've been sitting for at least 3 years (sorry, only one 12 grams on hand). Tested with 1 mag and it shoots great. Comes as pictured with lapco ported "surpressor" and threaded barrel. Also has a couple of stock barrels, one modified for 1st strike use (not by me, and I never tested it), Spare bolt & spring. Not pictured but included are a universal holster

2K+ AUTOCOCKER vertical feed, ANS Jackhammer 2, STO 3way, STO ram, CP Reg, CP on/off, old style belsales beavertail, STO bolt, ANS IVG, HF WGP valve, new springs. Comes with extra and thicker CF frame & grips. Timed with a stiffer valve spring for better consistency & the reg is sweet spotted. no leaks. New seals

Selling off this cocker with raw body and black back block. Includes a black wgp hinge frame oracle pneumatics all internals as well. Bought this as a project but I no longer have a valve tool or the funds to complete this. When aired up it leaks down the barrel so I assume an o-ring rebuild and hoses are in order. Also have a detent I will include Now for the pics Asking 115 Shipped

Flawless lightly used red and black DSR comes with everything it would New, including blank warranty card. Also comes with a brand new extra ultralite back, dye tool, spare parts and extra parts kits in hard case like m3s, same style Case for the USB connection. Looking to trade for a nice cocker or shocker cvo. Trade value $700 Can provide pics via email/fb/ig

Full body FLE with matching Inception grip frame and feedneck Matching Stella barrel with Case and your choice of insert Inception hard face bolt Bomb 2 3-way Inception soft touch ram Inception LPR Inception hammer Ans high flow valve Empire reg Pops asa Splash Anno by Blizzard Anodizing The gun is in excelent condition, no scratches or blemishes that I can see, I will post more pix at your request. It's only s

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