I have an AGD Tac-One. I don't know a ton about it other than what I've been told here on PBN. Classic Valve Virtue Grips CCM clamping feedneck RT rail with q-bow mounts $350 shipped (open to offers, trades maybe but have to be something special since I'm gearbag clearing right now.) https://photos.app.goo.gl/KFHtCS5M

Today, I have my almost brand new M170R for sale. This gun was only used twice with a total of 1 case through it. As you can see from the pictures the gun has no scratches or damages and is in near mint shape. $550 OBO Paypal'd and Shipped to your door.

I have a custom 1 of 1 Mini FLE. I bought this in 2017 and used it a few times, has been a wall hangar since. No scratches to be found. Specs Inception Designs: FLE Mini body kit, feedneck, cocking rod, 45 frame, pump arm, timing rod, full front pneumatics and banjo Dye ultralight- .684, .689 and matching 14inch front CCM: beavertail, IVG, and aluminum panels PE SL3 reg and Pops ASA Belsales Evo bolt and pin ANS valve, Kapp hammer, madman s

I am selling red GMEK/GTEK Oled combo. It works flawlessly and comes with all the accessories (grease, Hex keys, and repair kit.) It has some scratches on the body , barrel front ,and the bolt (see pictures). Asking $375 (including PP fee and the US domestic shipping).

Mechanical JOLE Factory Mid Block WGP Karnivor Autococker Blind! - Eye hole was plugged and ribbon channel was smoothed out. All body work was done before getting it anodized. Anodized by Blizzard Anodizing Tuned and ready to shoot! New Inception Ram New Inception 3-Way Inception EZ ASA (has ding near back as seen in picture) Stock Karni LPR Stock Karni Vert Regulator Slider Trigger Frame Dye Grips

Nearly perfect condition Green and Black GX-3 Autococker. GX3 autococker with extended barrel, dye grips and much more. GX3 needs service as there is a leak at the 3way and LPR. Revolution electric auto hopper with sensor to activate the feeder. Cap does pop off. Brand new mask with visor in bag. 200ct pod Asking 400 for the cocker or 500 for everything with Ion together OBO. Please feel free to message me with questions or offers.

Have an Emek, only about 500 rounds through it, have manual, orings and unopened grease $200 Also have a Ninja 45/4500 tank that was rehydroed this year for $120 Have mask , betand hopper to make a complete bundle package.

Hey Everyone, Looking to sell my 04 prostock that is in the original condition from when I last shot it about 12 years ago. Don’t play anymore and was going to rebuild for the fun of it but just really have no use for it. Needs a good run through a new cleaning, hoses and orings to be operable again. Also have a a silver bullet from storage that I will throw in for free with what I believe is a Dye boomstick. Also have an empire electric hopper that just ne

Selling my LNT Ridgeback Cocker. Gun has been test fired a few times, but hasn't seen any field time. LNT body and frame All parts are inception designs and the newest versions, minus the bolt which is the open face bolt. Comes with a full Stella barrel kit with both sizes of fronts as well. 14” kit Price : $700 OBO NO TRADES Pictures :

775 paypald fees ship included. Not looking for trades Shipped to you as shown in the pics marker only Up for sale is my beautiful mech'd karnivor. It has 0 issues and is perfectly timed. Ready to hit the field and shoot some faces. I made a video today for a interested buyer. It is still up for grabs. Here is the shooting video https://youtu.be/O62N7w24SJc

It's an Azodin Kaos 2 with marks on the body but, it has a techt hush bolt, a diablo wrath soft rear spring, an old rebuilt DP F7 reg, an empire relay on off asa, and the feedneck has been screwed for a lever. Comes with the cp 1 piece .693 12" barrel. Really more interested in trades than sales but, I'd part with it for 70 shipped. Looking for a solid loader, really interested in a VSL or hicap rotor. I have a psycho ballistics superbolt 2 piece in .690 bore

Rules Same rules as always nothing special. I'm not in a rush to sell just want to give good affordable deals for people. I have a video proving no leaks and gun shoots perfectly. More pictures upon request. Text or call anytime 703 398 3614 Whats comes with the Package Empire Resurrection Empire Barrel Kit .675 .680 .685 .690 .695 Empire 45/4500 tank Empire Halo Hopper

Rules Same rules as always nothing special. I'm not in a rush to sell just want to give good affordable deals for people. I have a video proving no leaks and gun shoots perfectly. More pictures upon request. What comes with the package. Tippman X7 with Phenom Electronic trigger. Empire 3000psi Tank. Carbon fiber Barrel. 2 Hoppers. Tactical vest. Vforce mask. NXE Tac

selling my inception a ninja slp and 70 cu in bottle, can include shown s/s freak kit and carbon fiber freak barrel 1500.00 for everything 1200 with out the freak items thanks for looking, email [email protected] for more photos

qty 2 - Tippmann 98 Custom Markers and accessories. Condition is "Used". 2 Tippman 98 paintball markers, (tested) 2 belts for paintballs 2 Masks 4 air tanks (3 large 1 small) unopened box of 2,000 paintballs Tested markers today and they shot fine, air tanks need new o-rings (2 seem to work still but I would replace all). Paintballs in the unopened box are old, you can decide if you want to try and use

Bought a bundle of 4 markers, but only keeping 1. Both of these markers have been sitting for a while and will likely need a little TLC and new orings., therefore sold as-is. System X Autococker -Shocktech Hinge -ANS Pnuematics -Shocktech bolt -Centerflag HPR $220 shipped paypal WGP Outkast Autococker -all original $220 shipped paypal Add $12 to throw in the nickel 14" CP barrel .689 Add $30 for blu

Ok guys up for sale today we have a 2k vert with some extras. https://youtu.be/07XvyPy6mjo Ccm delrin bolt Ccm delrin BB Ccm cocking rod (I think) ID volumizer 2k5 pneumatics Mint dust black hinge frame Missing jewel on body and a eye plug.

Blue spyder shutter in box. $120 OBO. Shipping included. Link: https://imgur.com/gallery/emcsUP0

Time to start thinning out some of the stock ( make room for more of course) Jackal RDL Mini - shocktech Pneumatics, new cup seal, aka reg, no barrel. blacked out. Has both the hinge frame and a GunFighter 1.5 as shown. Open the box, add air and barrel and play.. listed on FLEBAY with a higher price - fees suck $1100.00 - shipped CONUS only http

Up ok the block today is a 2004 prostock. https://youtu.be/4gL4B7i-mrc Freshly gone through, replaced orings and retimed. Some peeling on frame and reg Body, vasa, FB, BB are all 10/10 mint no scratches 200 OBO

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