My rules: 1. Full contact information (name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.) must be exchanged (Rule #1 in the Rules for Buy/Sell/Trade Forums) and confirmed. 2. I DO NOT ship first unless you have twice as much feedback as me, with zero negative feedback. 3. I ONLY ACCEPT PayPal, you pay the 3% fees, unless otherwise stated. 4. I ship after the funds have been cleared in my PayPal account. 5. Prices include shipping

If anyone has one to sell, or has found a store that sells them, let me know. Thanks.   submitted by   /u/scorchcore [link]   [comments]

Looking to buy a electronic hopper for my vanquish serious inquiries only   submitted by   /u/Late-Situation9184 [link]   [comments]

Don't need these anymore TFX2 is modded to stop popcorning

Hi For sale I have a Dye Rotor with the Red Cloth design. This loader has been disassembled, cleaned, and has brand new batteries installed. This shows minor external wear, but a lot of rubbing is seen on the feedneck (see pictures).

I have a halo hopper (the 6 AA battery one ) i have no clue what board mode i have! It says odyssey on the front but halo -B on the problem is when i turn the hopper on it works but wont stop rotating and when i fill it up it fills the feed neck stops and flashes red and green! Idk why it shuts down after! I can NOT find out why/whats causing this please help   submitted by  

I have a Empire Halo Too hopper that I’m trying to get rid of. Has piece missing on fead neck but does not hinder performance or become loose while on a gun. Pictures- Pm for more pictures and videos   submitted by   /u/imthemap69

I'm trying to sell all my paintball equipment. It includes 2 Hoppers. Let me know if you're interested in the Hoppers or any other equipment.

Dye Rotor camo - $60 Viewloader Revolution with old style shells - $50

Virtue Spire III / 3 Paintball Loader with Speed Feed-$120 -Well maintained and cleaned after each use, which was less than 10 times. -Case (outer plastic peeling but intact case), Speed Feed upgrade, and original lid included -Shipping at additional cost to buyer OR local pickup.

Got a Pink Vlocity Jr. has a virtue chip and a pink crown on it too. Also have the original black shell and an orange crown if you would want that as well or would prefer those instead. $45 shipped/pp'd

Eggy 3 with original box, battery door is broken off and can't find a replacement around here but maybe someone else will have better luck than me. Ran it a few times with tape holding the batteries in and still runs good. $25 shipped

Viewloader Revolution w/ X-Board Translucent Green Was having some trouble with the motor but it seems to have worked itself out... I have a spare I'll be including with it too just in case. $45 shipped/pp'd

$99 fees included. Will split shipping within the US.

New in box spire 4 up for sale or trade $225 I cover PayPal and shipping costs Open to trades paintball or firearms I can add $$$

Getting back in the game after a long time away, trying to get a setup going again. Looking for a Rotor, Spire, or Halo hopper. Black or Smoke preferred.   submitted by   /u/mon0theist [link]  

Need a hopper. Looking for a spire ir, dye ltr, or gi lvl 1.5. Lmk what ya got. Preferably darker colors. Thanks   submitted by   /u/imthemap69 [link]   [comments]

Asking $55 shipped Bunkerkings CTRL top shell and bottom shell. NO INTERNALS. Gray top shell (original, not redesigned) Purple bottom shell. SHELL ONLY -- No internals; No lid; No speed-feed

I have a gray and lime R2 and a rasta R2, also a black and blue rotor and a black red rotor. All of the hoppers work great. R2's have speed feeds as well as the black/red rotor. Black/blue has rain lid. Text 3194644105 for pics or more info. R2's $120 Rotors $65

Spire 260 with spring ramp and speed feed for sale. Used last few years but fully functional and pretty good shape. Please PM with questions and for pictures. $120 shipped

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