Brown ize - 150 - No foam, bottoms are busted, bacon’d strap frames/ears/visor in decent shape Olive pro flex - 140 - no foam, lens cracked, bacon’d strap, otherwise in great condition Olive shield - 115 - Minty fresh Black shield - 110 - Great shape with bacon’d strap Frost visor - 90 F8 - 125 - minty fresh, includes working fan, no strap

Would like to sell as a whole but willing to split things up. Better deals if you buy multiple items. Just the lvl m3+ 850 lvl+ia tank+spire ir2 1k just the g3 spec-r 120 will come with non pictured cp 685 barrel g3 spec-r + ninja tank set to 800 psi ( used with a 68 classic)+ empire hopper 250 stainless steel xl insert kit with staunchy adapter and fl tip 130 buy the whole thing for 1250 shipping to the continental USA only.

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Rare limited edition model Dye Proto Reflex Rail - I believe this is a 2012 zombie edition 'awakening' model Very good condition considering age See small scratch on barrel & cracks on both sides on grip Will come with original box Please feel free to ask for more photos Open to all offers [IMG] http://https:

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Invert mini is stock + standard barrel asking 125$ Rotor 60$ Freak barrel kit Autococker threads 100$ Haven’t used all this in years but just inspected it and seals still seemed good. Marker powered up no problems. invert   submitted by   /u/Brand_Os

An Empire B2 loader (camo speckled green) with an original speed feed, rip drive, Contract Killer backplate Halo 2 (black) with rip drive, original lid, extra speed feed, extra backplate. $50 for both or $30 each. I'd like to get rid of both. I think both have upgraded V35 boards, can't remember. Both work fine. The Halo has a f

I have A few markers, masks, and Softgoods up for sale! I will be at World Cup Adrenaline Shocker/CVO EPIC combo with timer frame Apocalypse now Themed anodizing $1400 OBO Project Frag reg LNIB never used at the field $300

BROS I NEED THIS OLD ASS BOLT FOR MY PHASE, MY CURRENT BOLT IS STICKING.   submitted by   /u/DyslexicMexican [link]  

WTB shocktech shocker parts... trigger bolt guide snatch grip VASA regulator

Both New, Taken out of box for pictures. asking $1200 each shipped. You pay fees or gift. I'll provide you with tracking and insurance. For Pictures Message me on FB @ Kevin Wightman (profile pic is cartoon drawing of me with an orange rope on a mountain ) Or on IG @ kevinmwightman #dsrm3+ use that hashtag to find on instagram easily

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950 will do the trick. Open to PE trades, specifically CS2pro, Geo4, will a

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