Hey guys, Not leaving paintball but I have an Eblade in working condition

$245 to your door no trades ♦ no "PM me" ♦ no "lowest" ♦ thanks for looking E Orracle. Airs up no leaks, shoots, OLED lights/works fine. 1.06. Thats all I can tell ya, autocockers are weird and mysterious to me. Mostly clean, has a few good nicks in front-block-doodad, and a few light scuffs on bodylines see pics. 689 2pc kaner

Leaks from middle of bolt I don't know much about them but was appraised at $350 Level 7 bolt $280obo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

I was going through some old stuff in my basement and came across a 1st gen sl 68 II and used it the last 2 weeks or so but the body is in rough shape (rusted and cracked at the barrel screw) so I'm really just looking for a reciver/trigger frame in decent shape

Hello Nation, Today I am selling my Ego Collection: 1 of 24 Hurricanes SL8r Ego: -Matching Dye UL Barrel (Tip is slightly discolored) -Frame is slightly cracked near ASA (still solid) -Anodize is fading on regulator feedneck and original frame -Can include brand new blue SL8r frame separately for $200 Asking Price: $475 with original frame; $625 with new frame

Hey guys! For sale is my dad's G7 in dust graphite. It looks incredible, and shoots well with no leaks. The board is original, and is legible, but has some dead pixels as is common for these models. Comes with original box, manual, Angel sticker, DVD manual, and charger. Does not include the Hybrid locking feedneck, just the stock feedneck. Light wear on the barrel tip is pictured, and a small rub on top of the breach. $300 shipped and PayPal'd

Hey everyone - messed my knee up recently and won't be able to play paintball for a while, so I figured I would sell my stuff that's been sitting around. Not looking to part, want to sell all this as a package deal. 2k5'd Dragon BL 360 Reg 2 piece BL barrel - .685 back Kila Detents WAS Board 2k5 Frame and LPR Critical Trigger Clamping Feedneck On/Off ASA BL mini guage SD Aftermath grips (new with grips new scre

Got a bin of stuff that included most of a Gen-E Matrix - body, looks clean, stickers... - bolt (think it's all here based on manual, aardvarq type?) - 2 front/feedneck things - the front stuff - 2 very nice little angely-stabbers and a knobber-gizmo - board & solenoid, providence unknown/cut wires on noid Interested? PM me your number and I'll txt some pics Not going to get rich just looking to put these in circulation. Keep in

Bought this and started building it up but came across another project I like even more. As a stock Gameface it works/shoots great. For the Adrenalin parts to work you will need to do one of three things. Since Adrenalin frames are a bit longer than a standard frame it won't fit on a marker with the fat vertical Maxflo. So, you will either need to use a thinner regulator (basically any like a CP DYE Eclipse, anything thinner). Or you cane use the fat Maxflo and add a 15 degree ASA or last y

Hey Everyone, Today I am selling my FrankenMatrix. I scored this bad boy off of Ebay a couple years ago and haven't touched it really. What you see it what you get! As you can see from the pictures below the gun turns on. I gassed it up and shot a hopper through it without a problem. I am looking to pass this on to somebody who is going to enjoy it more than myself!

I know there are some of you out there looking for these in the past. Today as I was cleaning the boss's shed I found 5 remaining kits, but only 2 included the original linkage rods (that I have seen, will look again tomorrow). That being said, I will sell the ones with the linkage rods for 150.00 shipped, those without, 125.00 shipped. I will have pics tomorrow to prove they actually exists this time, lol. It was getting dark and I don't have a smart phone, but tomorrow somebody there will

Up for grabs a is a clean Sheridan PG. It has some minor marks all around but overall, is a good looking little pistol. Frame is very clean and sports PMI rubbers that were modified off a Typhoon. The factory plastic brown grips are also included which are very nice. It needs a face seal but otherwise, should be good to go. Frame is missing the safety spring. A little gouge in the knurling on the bolt. $70 shipped takes her. Thanks.

#1 Sheridan PG pistol w/ holster and new seals included (not installed). has minor wear and grips may be cracked- $65 each. I have 10 #2 Tippmann SMG 60, with clip catcher and like 15 clips. Last I used it

#1 Sheridan PG pistol w/ holster and new seals included (not installed). has minor wear and grips may be cracked- $65 each. I have 10 #2 Tippmann SMG 60, with clip catcher and like 15 clip

I have decided to put up my Toxic Shocker #160 for sale or trade. The upgrades that come with this marker are: -Ton Ton Frame -SPD Smoke Clear Grips -Nerve Board (I have a Virtue Redefined board that I can include, but it will need to be sent to Virtue for a free battery harness repair. Add $30 for this board) -NDZ Stinger V3 Bolt with Delrin (or aluminum, buyer’s choice) Bolt Sleeve and LP Can -NDZ Roller Wave Trigger -CCM Low-Rise Feedneck

Hello everyone. I recently got back into the game and was going thru an old gear bag and found my old E-Orracle. This gun was purchased the week E-Orracles (and E Blades for that matter) were released, and I am the one and only owner. I got it going and had a buyer but they bailed out so I am looking to sell it again. It is about a 8, 8.5 out of 10 and is in great condition for a gun that is so old! Decent scratch near/on the barrel on one side, and some chrome coming off on the reg.

Hello folks, Looking to sell my RL Shocker, just bought it but need to free up some cash for other purchases. $575 Shipped ($700 for pictured setup) No RL clamping feedneck or board(virtue instead) more pictures to come

For sale or trade is an extra clean smart parts vision impulse. I am the guns original owner and has been lubed and cleaned after each use. Only play with in 3-4 games. Other than that, shot at some trees. Trades I am interested in: Bob long vice/g6r Egos Shockers DMs Upgrades include: Tapeworm

Hello, I have two markers and some gear for sale. I would like to sell everything as a bundle if possible, but have also listed prices for the individual items. Prices are OBO, help me fund some new skis! For everything bundled - $800 (literally everything) For automag bundle - $650 (mix and match whichever mask, hopper or q-loader, and come with all automag related parts) For autococker bundle - $400(mix and match whichever mask, hopper or q-loader, and come with

Marker is in great shape, just light scratches on the ano. Please see the pictures for details. Includes: Tadao board CP on/off CCM feedneck Scythe trigger Vanguard(I think?) 0.693 barrel $240 OBO. More images: http://imgur.com/a/PFzj