*Read everything *For sale only -Your last chance to own a NEW Rasta Angel! The last generation angel worth owning, and my personal favorite shooter ( 06/G7 sorry Bob ;) ) -It is new in box, with all the original items, plus a matching Dye UL barrel back This can be purchased one of two ways: 1) Completely untouched since leaving the factory in England as is; never aired up or shot Or 2) For an a

Don't play much anymore, putting some of the collection up for grabs. It's not fair for me to just hoard if I am not using them. Many of these are rare & up'd with lots of goodies so the prices reflect that. See below: prices include all fees. Enjoy. Feel free to pm, call, or text. 614-732-9094 Evil Rat/Mouse $325 - Rat body, Mouse frame - WAS Board - Full Evil Internals - Shocker reg - NDZ detents - Includes

09 SFL Shocktech Never drilled - in mint condition. The only real wear is between the back block and the body. $1325.00 I ship USPS priority mail with tracking number. Buyer pays PayPal Fees. Freshly timed and tuned by Mr. Tim Firpo @Paintball Tek Pics and shooting video links https://imgur.com/gallery/NrGuZTZ

Brand new HK Army Luxe X Ripper Style Milling Brand new, less than 10 shots Comes with all original materials, boxes, warranties, parts kit, etc. Price: $1595 shipped via USPS Priority Pics: Full detailed picture gallery:

The pursuit of another paintball unicorn has me selling this one to fund getting the other. Tri Fade Evo X in excellent condition. Also comes with CCM clamping feedneck I never got around to anno matching, original grips and gas through. Exalt case. $1600 No trades at this time Thanks, Cody

Hi i have a dukie drv. Its got a removeble paint on the body with a polished wood grip custom to this marker. I have 2 barrels. This is the short barrel. Uses lapco barrels AC threaded. I aldso have the ekstra long mag that loads the barrel mag as you shoot. Giving it a total of 13 pbs before a reload. No leaks. Works great.

Hi PBN, I am posting up my old Philly Luxe on behalf of Mile High Paintball. If any of you in the past years have seen my threads/videos on this Luxe, you know it's the real deal and a part of paintball history. Don't miss your chance to get one of the coolest Philly Americans guns out there, and undoubtedly the cleanest one as well. You know me, I take incredible care and attention to detail with my possessions, and this Luxe reflects it. You will not be disa

Hi there, Someone could give me some price input on this one? It's a Bushmaster Fieldmaster. Fixed barrel, very old and very well taken care of.

$100 Picked up this little gem from the past.

Egomag $490 pp/shipped Xvalve w/ult w/lvl10 Thrasher rail? I had one years ago that had the milling front and back, so maybe half a thrasher? Has ULE milling internally Ule body is red and has some scratches, It is wrapped with VVivid Midnight Sun Palmer Micro Rock SMC S070C-SDG-32 noid Tadao M7 board Mpa3 actuator Unknown brand Clamping feed neck Hybrid Grips Carbon Fibre barrel is not included This is running

The last time the marker was used was probably 7-8 years ago. I bought it brand new originally. Everything worked last time I used it, however, there was a small leak. I took the marker apart and O-ring fell apart on me. I never bothered to fix and just put it away. The anno on the marker is in pretty good shape. Looking for 100 + shipping. Open to offers.

Still trying to move this. $600 Tunablade New battery Wall and car charger

Thinning out the collection and have a bunch of sought after Bob Long Timmys. Prices include shipping, but you pay fees (3%) or gift. Markers will be aired up and dry fire tested before leaving. Please don't waste my time and I won't waste yours. If you want pictures, please email uwplattgrad11(at)gmail.com or text 920-450-30 nine three A-Bomb (Atomix) - Blue to Black fade. $Pending Naughty Dog - Blue to Black fade. $49

Up for sale is a Sheridan PGP (not the PGP2). It's the older model with philips head screws holding the grip frame to the receiver, non-cartridge style valve, aluminum pump handle. Racine, WI 53403 $80 obo (US only please)

Up for sale is a Sheridan PGP (not the PGP2). It's the older model with philips head screws holding the grip frame to the receiver, non-cartridge style valve, aluminum pump handle. Racine, WI 53403 SOLD (US only please)

I'm putting my Palmers Hurricane up for sale. Spiral ported barrel, ball detent, wedgits, sight rail,nickle finish has no scratches blemishes, imo the stock could use a light (very light!) sanding to make this marker look perfect. Now for the down side... it needs the bolt flat o rings replaced, and it has an air leak on the macro fitting on the marker. It cycles normally with the o rings removed....they were so brittle that when I removed the bolt to oil them they fell apart. I have sever

$250 OBO Probably the most mint nerve in existence fully functional did i say mint? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dae5...V9olgnak-iXQwg

price is 250 OBO Very mint, fully functions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dae5...V9olgnak-iXQwg

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