For Sale: Planet Eclipse 06 Ego. Marker is in great shape, minimal wear, as seen in pictures. Marker works well and hasn’t given me any issues. Only selling to free up some space for a newer marker. Comes as pictured, no case included. Please reach out with any questions. [IMG]http://

I’m looking for vintage markers preferably an E-blade or some sort of bob long marker

Looking to buy a working Dye DM4 or one that needs a little work. Use to want one of these back in the day when I was first starting playing. Would be fun to finally own one. Message here or shoot me a message and let me see what's out there.

Haven't aired or tested it. Sold as is. $150 shipped. Add for fees or gift payment please. Pic link:

Hi! I have a blue (and gold painted, not by me) proto pm6. It have a dye UL frame and dye UL barrel. Fully functionnal tunned at 280 psi. I sell it in kit with a 48/3000 tank and a jt revolution loader. The cap is broke but it still clip. I have some allen key, an extra hose and a 3X rebuilt oring kit. Great setup ready to play! I start to 220 US shipped, from Canada. Just message me or email for other info! deux

I have a Dark Ego 6 in barely used condition. I really hate to sell this thing but my Team mates are getting frustrated. Im getting old and can't hear them on the field over the "Crack" of an Ego. Damn I do love that sound though... anyway, there is one small scratch in the anno at the back of the gun, its barely noticeable but in the interest of transparency.... and there is barely any bolt wear. So its time to get a newer marker more suitable to my speedball needs.

OG Splatmaster Lot 3 OG Splatmasters for Sale! $100 Shipped for all 3! Items are sold as is and have not been tested. Items are on display at Vintage Paintball.

Sheridan P68 SC Paintball Gun $159.99 Shipped. Get it here: Sheridan P68 SC Paintball Gun - Vintage Paintball Park & Store This marker has not been tested Marker is sold AS IS for display or refurbishing FREE Shipping on all orders over $100!

Also selling my Budd Orr Sniper 2 SN 20860, has an upgraded bolt, benchmark expansion chamber, and two barrels, one nickel plated brass, one black unknown. Asking 250 paypaled and shipped. PM offers, any serious one will be considered. Thanks.

Selling my Budd Sniper 1.5 SN 2398 with two barrels, the stock, and what looks like an older smart parts all american. Aired up, no leaks and fires. Moving and have to clean out some of the collection. Asking 200 shipped and payment via paypal. PM any serious offers and they will be considered. Thanks Link to the photo album

One of the cleanest pm6's I've seen. Hardly been used (3-6 times). A new set of o-rings, tested, and ready to go! Trading/selling for an upgrade. $200 OBO Looking to trade up with cash for mainly a geo. Tried finding damage, could only find tiny scratches on the tip of the barrel.

Well i played with it, it is a fun lil marker. dont feel like redoing it, i lost interest. Soooo anyone want it? Should need a rebuild. But works as it sits now. The macroline is now leaking tho. The quick change will need new orings as well, but pierce pin works as it should. Not the stock barrel. Its a basic 32 degrees or cp dont know what bore size but it was big per my graffiti i had. There are idiot marks on the quick change, see pics, also t

Up for grabs today I have an all original black/blue 2k5 Superstock with select fire frame and no barrel. Is in good condition with the only flaw being a hairline crack in the eye cover (still works fine). It also comes with a small parts kit, detents, orings, etc. -$225 shipped and paypaled firm -$325 with E1 frame I also have a working chrome e-blade with 1.10 board w/ solenoid and trigger avail as well. It is missing the metal buttons and trigger sp

$375 shipped PayPal. Will do $350 with just the double finger trigger setup. Has a tadao infamous board and shoots flawless.

Hello All, As much as it pains me to do so i will be selling my Pink Lady DC2, I've had it for over 7 years and it's never seen the field, condition i would say is 9/10 (few nicks here and there, nothing major at all). Haven't been on the paintball scene in a while now and don't really have any equipment left. I think that hanging on to such a beautiful rare gun wouldn't be fair to the community when i know someone else out there could enjoy it more than me. Looking to get $2000

Hey pbnation, I quit playing about ten years ago, and my nephew is taking a lot of interest in paintball. Back when I played I had an ego6 and a shocker sft so I’m looking for something like that, but I’m open to other markers. Looking to spend around $250. Pm me

I have a Tippmann 98 Custom E-bolt setup for sale/trade. It's in good condition with the expansion chamber kit, original parts, 32* barrel and manuals. The power switch broken (included in the kit, could solder it back in), so the gun turns on when the battery is plugged in but the safety will prevent it from firing. Gasses up and fires with no leaks. Asking $250 shipped. Open to trade offers.

I have a beauty of a 2K2 Intimidator for sale. It's a gloss black/blue/silver tri-fade with chrome parts. It's in very good condition with a the 2.0.2 stock board, adjustable ram cap, Dye drop/ASA and Long Shot barrel. The frame is the 50/50 clamshell style which feels very comfortable to hold with the rounded edges. No leaks and the eyes are working, could use new detents. Asking $200 shipped.

System X Vengeance 4.0 with Planet Eclipse Eblade e2. Comes with mech vengeance frame as well. Marker was just tuned and tech'd at living legends. 300 obo Make offers! Does not include barrel, tank or hopper in picture! (Eblade frame alone is valued at $190.00; will part for right offer!) Attached Images

I have a green unibody phantom from around 1989. It includes a feedback that should fit most modern hoppers and a velocity adjuster. I would like to trade it for a intimidator (being vague because I'm not really sure what kind I want). Shoot me some offers! Will be posting photos later, dm me or comment if you need them sooner.

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