Sup guys, I was gonna hold onto this marker and build it into my dream shocker build but I have decided not to. Was gonna toss a ccm frame on it and tournament board. It was the Octane body colour I was searching for for years since I first remember these on the shelf locally here in Toronto. It is a super rare pewter fade with most original parts. Marker: - Private Label SFT Octane Shocker - pewter fade - Stock upper and lower board - NDZ low

TASO Spartan in excellent shape. Takes TASO threaded barrels (included is bored .688 but has plenty of meat for freak boring). Fully strippable with no tools. Drop out changer can be oriented in 3 directions for ease of 12 gram change. Trigger frame is metal, velocity adjustable bolt. Original m16 grip included. Text me for pics......just kidding....... $125 plus shipping as is, $100 plus shipping with no stock or grips.

I am looking for an Ego6 and Etek2.

Excellent shape - Black $75.00 obo

Palmer's Blazer 1 I just rebuilt it with kits from Palmer's. Needs to be timed. I'm never gonna get a chance to use it, so it needs to go. 400 s&p

Early Mac-1 Annihilator. Comes with stick feed and 10oz thermo bottle. Walnut grips. It all works well and shoots at 285. Has rva for easy velocity adjustment. $300 Shipped Continental US

Techna scythe 2 Killa detents Black dyed alias bolt Function back cap Kila board No leaks, will need to be tuned/set to correct pressures. Can/will provide airing up & dry firing video per request $325 shipped Looking for a 2.0-Ice & will add accordingly Video link https://vi

Up for sale or trade. Currently in the shop being tuned and timed. Take a look at the pictures and let me know if you have any questions. Asking $425.

Im looking for a dark ir3 or a4 angel, doesnt need to be in working condition or even a full gun, the ano needs to be good and little too no scratches

Rare Shocker NXT/SFT Part Out! Prices in the last picture, no trades. Prices are in USD, gift payment or add 3%. NOTE: RL body has a helicoiled va screw so you can only use the extender or a SFT style va on it as pictured. Unless you change the helicoil (I think) for a different thread then you may be able to use a NXT va on it. Items: - Russian Legion NXT Body & Eyecovers - Macdev asa - Smart parts rail - Macdev gla

Used to have a DM1 or DM2 "shoebox" matrix, loved it, looking for another

This needs a new home I never use it. It’s been a wallhanger for last 10 plus yrs. still works good & has upgraded parts & extra parts. $385 TYD Sent from my iPhone using Tapata

I’m the original owner and she has never seen play. Everything on the gun came that way even the silver breech knob. When I bought this gun I decided on a single trigger as opposed to the double because I thought it made it more unique, which it does. This IS the famous Thunderstruck anodizing. The fade to black style is there on purpose. The matching barrels include 2 DYE Boomsticks, a DYE aluminum, the stock, as well as probably the only Cobra barrel in thunderstruck (I’m sure

I have a gloss red with black accents Darq Marq for sale. Has scratch on feedback collar and small nick on driver side of body. Nothing else notable that I could find. Has all of the stock goodies. QD pillow bolt. 4C eyes. VP trigger. 360 reg. Cam drive ASA. Tadao M8 board. Also has hybrid grips and a dust white closer barrel. PM me for pics since pbnation will never, ever host pictures. Include a phone number I can text you pics to. $400 conus TYD Firm. No p

2k3 vf Dust black Ergo reg ANS 3 and jack2 lpr Timed and ready! 165 tyd!

Limited edition. 1/50 Tan splash dm8 Proto grips Only sign of wear is on dye emblems on body. Otherwise, excellent condition. Just service both regs. New orings through entire marker. $225 pp/shipped. Conus only No trades Working on hosting pics

Help me out! I spilled water on my girlfriends Macbook this morning and its exam period, so I need cash quick to buy her a new one. My loss is your gain, this has been a hunt to build with all rare parts. Includes: - Russian Legion NXT body (and eye covers) - Black NXT feedneck - Stock manifold, noid and eyes - Strange NXT guide - Sprung NOX - HE can and black sleeve - Luxe freak (complete) - Naughty dogs NXT frame

Looking to buy a in shootable condition Dye DM4-9 any model will work just looking to find one that is still functioning as it should please provide prices and location with pics of the marker thank you! located in Butler Ky

Include's •12" Dye Boom •Black Mini Reg •A1 rail and on/off • Charger Sellers Notes. Great condition over all. All orings have been replaced. Unfortunately, the battery has died. the battery is about 4 years old. Additionally, I recently took off the stickers that were on it. You can see the gunk in the photos, currently waiting for it to dry out so it will be easier to remove. Will take more pics after, can provide additional

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