I recently upgraded an don't need this anymore Ninja SL 45/45 with a Prov2 Reg no shims installed born date of 4/15 an just rehyrdo'ed comes with a exalt tank butt (not pictured)

RULES 1. If your gonna offer, be ready to deal. 2. Do not message for lowest price. If you want me to add say how much you are looking for. 3. I accept Paypal 4. I have plenty of feedback, most with gun sales and trades so don't expect me to ship first unless you have much more then me. 5. I don't ship internationally. Bought to use for a pump set up and ended up hardly every using it. Sold off the pump and have no need for it now.

Ninja air tank, 68ci, 4500psi. Ninja regulator. No cracks, threads in great shape. Within hydro. $120 shipped and PP'd. https://photos.app.goo.gl/e7D2HiwZFTd78JwNA

Selling my Ninja 68/4500 bought it couple of months ago used it couple of times in practice and couple of events. No cracks or chips at all. Hydro date is 06/20 https://imgur.com/gallery/PAoXUWb $150 shipped

Ninja Tank and Reg package that includes the following: 1. Ninja SL 68/4500 Tank - 02/14 manufacture date with re-hydro on 11/18 (good until 11/23) - Great condition with zero cracks in the gel coating 2. Ninja Pro V2 Regulator (brass bonnet) - Zero shims = 500-550 psi output - Ball Valve - No cracks in mini gauge 3. Ninja Pro V2 Regulator (aluminum bonnet) - Zero shims = 500-550 psi output - Ball Valve

For Sale: Stainless Steel Braided Air Lines - Used 1 is 13 inches as shown- - Has 90 degree elbows on each end 1 is 5.25 inches as show- - Has female quick disconnect on one end 1 is 4.25 inches 1 is 4 inches PRICE: 20.91 Shipped for all items! US ONLY PAYP

For Sale: Stainless Steel Braided Air Lines - Used -1 is 14 inches as shown -1 is 13 inches as shown -Both Lines have Female Quick Disconnects at both ends -Black Electrical tape is wrapped around them for cosmetic reasons PRICE: $20.91 SHIPPED! For Both US ONLY PAYPAL ONLY THANKS FOR LOOKING!!

For Sale: Inline on/off ASA- -Rap 4 Brand ASA Reducer/plug -Hexagon shape -has hole for air fitting or line Co2 Bottle adapter -converts big box store small Co2 bottles to fit in standard ASA's PRICE: $20.91 Shipped for all items! US ONLY PAYPAL ONLY THANKS FOR LOO

For Sale: Air Fittings - Used -Male Quick Disconnects (qty =9) -90 Degree Macro Fitting PRICE: $20.91 Shipped for everything! US ONLY PAYPAL ONLY THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!

For Sale: HPA Regs = 4500psi, Used Upper Left- -Came from a GI Sports tank Upper Right- -ANS Brand Bottom- -Myth Reg Not sure on any of the current status on them as far as rebuilds, etc. All still have gauges and fittings. Price: $20.91 plus Shipping for all 3 Regs

Ninja Ghost Carbon Fiber Air Tank w/ Ultralite Regulator 68/4500-$120 OBO *Case and upgrades included-Exalt Universal Carbon Tank Case-Ninja Tank Butt Cover-Ninja Magna Fill Cap Cover-Ninja Regulator Thread Protector*Will need to be Hydro tested -Willing to ship at additional cost to buyer OR local pickup. -Feel free to contact me for additional question

Look for Ninja SL2 77ci only or any Infamous 80ci tank. PM me offers and I’ll text you back! Thanks!

$80 to your door, I pay all fees Gauge lense got clobbered, no leaks almost perfect condition. Please 1. Be courteous. 2. I do not ship first.

Got a pink ninja SL77 with prov2 reg for sale. Born 5/16. Good for another 5 months before rehydro comes with nipple and thread cover. Used only 4 times. Basically new. 100$ plus fees I cover shipping Pm me an email or phone number for pics.

$100 shipped and PayPal to your door It almost in like new condition. Slight scuff on gauge otherwi

Clearing out my paintball gear and getting out of it. Everything was purchased at the end of 2019 and early 2020. Due to Covid our team didn't get much play time, I played in 2 tournaments and about 6 practices or so. I'm also having a kid soon and won't have much free time to enjoy the sport. My loss is your gain, everything has been cleaned. Our team was GI Sportz / SP, with the gear below I've shot less than 10 cases. Ask if you want any particular pictures or information. If anything is

Ninja SuperLite 68/4500 Carbon Fiber Paintball HPA Air Tank w/ Exalt Carbon Case. With case, I'd like to get $160 shipped; Venmo OK; if paypal, you pay the fees or gift. Pics can be seen on current ebay listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/233837627636. Regret doing it to bidders, but will end listing early. Tired of Ebay fees

Got a nice ninja SL 90/4500 that was just hydro'd on 10/2020. Good for another 5 years. The tank weighs in only at 2.4oz. It does not come with a reg. I have a brand new Ninja SL Ultralite Adjustable Reg if interested for $45 if you buy the tank. $125 plus $10 shipping.

Up for sale is a Empire 68/4500 tank with Powerhouse Gen II regulator. Tank is now out of hydro but can be recertified two more time for ten more years of life. Tank has always been covered and has been a spare. Powerhouse regulator in perfect condition, likely hasn't been to a field even. Just an extra tank for tech work on markers.

For Sale: HPA Tank Cover- Used -Fits 48cu Size Tanks -NXE Brand -Has Zipper -Fits over entire Tank HPA Tank Butt Cover-Used -Fits 48cu Size Tanks -Made by Exalt, but branded as Planet Eclipse -Fits over back end of HPA Tank HPA

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