Got part of a Wrath here. I believe the board is good, but I used the battery harness on another one which has since sold. No bolt, no eyes and I think the solenoid is missing something. $32 shipped. Attachment 70005

Up for sale is a pair of Sheridan PGPs in excellent condition. Need to sell one, may or may not sell both. Currently these are untested until I can pick up some 9gs, but both are in really great shape for their age. One is the older style, and one is a 2K+ with the longer barrel and quick-change tube. I have one holster as well that can go with either

For sale, I have a shoebox 4500 V1 chain drive compressor. Works perfectly but could definitely use a clean and lube before this season (was stored all winter). I am located in Guelph Ontario so local sale is definitely better but I can ship. Asking 450USD OBO plus whatever it takes to get it to you.

Here's a chance at owning some paintball history - or something. These were an odd loader that didn't spend much time on the market. They have a built in chronograph, and in theory feed paint. I have put paint through both of them, and they do move paint just fine. By reputation they are hard on paint, but I have not played a game with either hopper. The chronograph works on both of them and is reasonably accurate. Both hoppers are used, but not very much. They are in great phy

Bob Long Intimidators for sale All appear to have early WAS boards, eyes function, no leaks guns work as they should. Black to Red GZ - $155 Black to Grey GZ - $175 2k2'd Classic - $125 prices obo, grab all 3 for $400 pics located here -

Black and Grey Exalt Thrasher V3 Buyer pays shipping $60 In excellent condition, except for that the ankle adjustments have been pulled out.(See picture 3) Size Medium

Red and black Hk Army Klr Buyer pays shipping $40 Adjustment clip broken off(See picture 3) Right cheek is missing pins to hold it to the mask(See picture 4) Other than the stated issues, it is in good condition.

Ansgear exclusive Kryptek Camo Hk Army Klr Buyer pays shipping $70 In good condition, usual wear. Comes with mask bag.

Looking to sale a dust black Inception Designs Retro Hornet. This one started life as a Hornet pump, but was sent out to out to Tim Firpo with Paintball Tek to be rebuilt as a mechanical. Marker is in great condition and is timed perfectly. It’s built using all Inception Designs parts: FLE frame with Rear Stop/Autotrigger Plug All Inception pneumatics and v2 HPR and soft tip bolt ID Custom Fit case with HD foam Inception Designs barrel condom Stella .6

Hello and thanks for looking. All items are in Used Condition and Sold As-Is. All items shipped USPS, with delivery confirmation Best way to contact me is to PM me or post here. Pay Pal Only or local deals can be worked out. Looking to make as few trips to the Post Office as possible. Trades: Doubtful Green to black/grey/purple? fade Black Magic Had matching front block. Drilled with eyepatch.

-Winchester hopper with lid (I think this is modified)-$40 shipped -WGP hopper-$40 shipped (no idea what this is worth...maybe I overpriced this) -Dye Automag barrel-$40 shipped -PPS stocker tube-$50 shipped (I bought this brand new years ago and never used it) (possibly pending) If you are interested in anything else in the pics let me know. I don't think any of it is worth much and I figured no one would want those things anyway, so I didn't bother to think

725 OBO You cover shipping & fees #60 0f 150 urban acid wash camo 1 of 1 Anno(confirmed by Mike c.) Has all the goodies Feedneck 12 round feed tube 11in barrel Adjustable t stock Original pump handle(and aftermarket) 12 gram bucket changer Hose to run tank off the back All Pistons(to change volume for hpa or co2) Two bolt tips(one is for brittle paint) All barrel "detent inserts"

Black to silver freestyle in decent shape. I haven't tested the solenoid or any other parts but the electronic components look to be In good condition. All it needs (from the looks of it) is a regulator, asa, eye covers and probably a bolt engine rebuild. Since it has been described to the best of my ability it is Sold as- is but feel free to shoot me any questions you may have. $65 shipped/pped Only trades are for a full teal, dark blue, or gloss black FL barrel kit ( I

16" DW Fibur-X barrel with Autococker and Ion backs, as pictured. Takes standard Freak inserts (not the longer XL variety), no inserts included. Ion back has a mark on it from threading into an Ion and rubbing on the metal breech. Looking for $85 shipped.

Came stock on my Shocker CVO and used once. Only selling because my wife bought me a 'standard' Freak kit a whole bunch of years ago that I prefer to use for sentimental reasons. I picked up Stella bits to ride around in my CVO case and replace this barrel. Insert included as pictured. Looking for $75 shipped here.

Lightly used, marker is as stock except it comes with the pictured 2-piece Freak (with Apex ready tip, also an insert is included) instead of the standard 1-piece inline Freak. Looking for $175 shipped.

Hello everyone. I have too much gear piling up so here goes. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for checking out my sale thread. Here's what's up for grabs: CCM barrel bag: $58 shipped CCM 2k+ dust black pump kit: $95 shipped CCM 2k+ dust white AT kit: $225 shipped WGP Outkast (undrilled/empty): $78 s

Looking to sell this for 80 bucks. In great shape. It's complete and good to go. I keep almost buying guns to put it on, so I gotta sell it. Thanks.

Got a load of pump/CCI pieces I need to turn into $$: 17ci HPA with Ninja Reg - 100 CCI T-Stock - 25 CCI 1-piece feed - 25 Used Phantom frame and VSC kit with hardline and idiot marks - Matte Silver - 50 CCI Bucket changer - polished silver (needs tank o-ring) - 15 CCI clear acrylic pump handle - 15 CCI black pump handle - 10 New Phantom black vertical feed with ASP detents - 75 Used silver Phantom 12" barrel - think this mig

I recently picked this up from another MCB user and following a sharp upturn in the number of Phantoms I own I'm putting this back out there. Marker looks to be in great shape. Aired up and shot fine. I'm just not going to end up using it anytime soon and I'm not much for wall hangers. Comes with the stick feed with scope cap lid and bottom line. I will leave the bottom line off for shipping but I also put a different asa reducer on the BBA. Asking what I paid for it. $150

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