Not saying this for sure, but it could be possibly one of the last of its type in the world. A brand new, unused, Tippmann C3 still in its original packaging. This bad boy has been sitting in our Australian warehouse hiding in the shadows for several years. The marker is located in Australia and we can ship anywhere in the world. This is my first post on the forum, so I apologise if it is not correctly entered. I tried to see via this and other forums what it might be worth and I am happy

Up for sale is a warpfeed. Not really my thing. It's in great shape and comes with everything shown. Needs the warp to marker tube. I hear a lot of people use 3/4 flexible ENT (electrical conduit, blue corrugated). Pretty sure I can only find 10 ft. lengths of it at a time at any hardware store. Has the feedtube adapter threaded for bushmaster, defiant or timmy. $80 shipped OBO. Post here first. [IMG]

These are parts guns that have been sitting too long. I'm not interested in finishing them. The classic needs the hose to the lpr replaced The Gz needs some trigger help. Solenoids click on both . Classic LCD screen is a bit sketchy 75 each boo

Gorgeous f5 for sale. Comes with original goodies. Gun is timed/ tuned and leak free. Box & paperwork Pump kit Freak bored UL barrel, 14&10” tip Stock grips Both stock trigger plate and the drilled one shown Stock grips ( dye grips can be included for $40 more) $1825 shipped/ppd

SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD!!!!! Raw Midget Midblock Cocker - For Sale! -Brass WGP ram -Brass c-clip 3-way -PyschoBallistics LPR -Inception Designs ER plate -Pure Energy HPR -WGP hinge frame -Taso front block -White 2-oring delrin bolt All pneumatics/regs have been completely disassembled and rebuilt with new seals. SLP

-Featured on Meteor’s YT channel -New Inception Designs Bottomline -New CP Dust Black V2 Regulator -New SHOCKTECH Pneumatics -Shocktech Hoop Beavertail -Tallboy Hammer with Polished lug -Timed and Tuned ready to go -Spare Parts Kit I am the first owner of it directly from Meteor $995 O.B.O. Shipped & Paypal’d NO Trades

Allright found something non-pball related that i need so going to sell a few thing Think this is a complete Kapp front end if not lmk. Comes with everything except the stuff on top. 105$ s/pped US only. In decent shape a few nics here and there but nothing bad. Going to need a cleaning. Have not aired up or used this at all. Thx.

Hello all, it's been about 7yrs or so since I've played and my kids are finally old enough to play with me so the addiction is back, but I do believe my tastes have changed. That being said, this etek does not fit in so well with my mags and Vikings, so away it shall go. I'll do my best a describing, PM me with any questions and I'll try to answer. Now on to the marker... -Purple Etek, not sure of the year -Virtue Board -CP trigger -Kila detents, eye covers, and b

MCB, Have my Splat Attack Revenge V2 up for sale. Asking $1,250 shipped/feed. The marker is in good shape cosmetically for the age. The original pnuematics leaked when I received this so I recently had them changed out to newer chrome Shocktech ones. The Revenge V2 will come with: Revenge marker bag OG pneumatics ASA rail, Matching beavertail Clear DYE panel grips TI boomstick with matching tip (glued).

Items up for sale Prices do not include shipping so please keep that in mind. Decided to clean out some of the stuff that I've kept through the years. Click on the picture to see higher resolution images Reg Tester $10

Alright I bought this to fix up and use but I can't seem to get it to operate correctly so it's on the chopping block. Problems- Bolt sticking issues I thought I had it good for awhile but just tried airing it up and the bolts sticking again and the solenoid is just venting. Solenoid is good I've tried it on my G3 and had no problems. I also just installed a brand new back cap. Includes: TechT back cap (leaks) 3/4 of a rebuild E

Vintage raincovers in very good condition. Both have barrel adapters, but fit different size barrels. These adapters are painted PVC and are available in Home Depot or Lowe's. Or if your barrel is too loose, wrap the end with a little tape or if too tight, just sand or Dremel the inside a bit. $37 each, shipped and paypal'd CONUS

Milled RF body with front block and banjo 99 cut Benchmark with internals, shoe, and grip WGP internals Everything is untested. Purchased for a project and decided to go in a different direction. Looking for $125 + shipping OBO

Brand new. Just want my money back on it. $1141+$55=$1195 shipped to your door

I have some random phantom parts up for sale today, these are used but in good shape. Shipping is 3 dollars flat to lower 48. Prices: Site rail $10 Short pump handle $15 Long pump handle SOLD Right feed body $22 Bucket changer $15

Autococker composite Frames 35.00 for top uses 45 grips' , Thin ,uses single hole grips 30.00

Hey guys, This gun has been sitting in its box since 2006. The gun was maybe used one time before it was retired until now. The gun is in 10/10 condition. It comes with the original box / barrel / tool kit / barrel bag etc... The 2006 evil minion is a Private Label PM6 by Evil. This is a special edition team gun in all black. I will get more pictures for it soon upon request. I do not need to sell the gun and wouldn't mind keeping it because it is ex

I have a 2k right feed autococker that i am looking to sell for $150 shipped obo.the pneumatics worked great last time i used it but it did have a regulator leak. Barrel is rifled, currently trying to figure out pictures

Phantom with removeable Barrel. Boss Raider Feedneck/ Needs a lil loving.. Sat for years. 125.00 shipped USA.

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