For sale is a GoG Enmey that I've used as my recball shooter. Now that I got a Gmek I won't be needing this anymore. V2 solenoid, Trinity metal clamping feedneck, PE Pops on/off, and a 14" freak barrel. Tons of spares. $160 shipped and paypaled NO TRADES Subtract $20 if you don't want the Freak barrel Subtract $40 if you don't want the Pops Pictures

Empire Based front pneumatic kit - $120usd shipped Empire Reg - $50usd shipped CCM Full length bolt - $35 shipped All of these items have never been used and were simply locked away in a parts bin for a project that never got completed. Also have a brand new POPS ASA that's not pictured. No rail - $40 shipped.

For Sale only. Paypal is standing by... Gloss Black BPS Twstr Autococker Comes as-is, Brand new in original box from Boston Paintball Supply. Never seen a field, not even a single paintball. Comes with all spares provided by BPS, including extra bolt & full Galeforce pump conversion kit, as well as appropriate paperwork (certificate of authenticity). $1,200 Shipped CONUS, or in-person. Located in the Los Angeles, CA area.

Have a nice DP E1 for sale Comes as shown below and is in overall good cosmetic shape with minimal wear and tear to be seen. The gun powers on normally and eyes are working properly and can be cycled on/off as intended. I have ONLY aired up the gun and it does fire (some bolt stick/recommend cleaning & seal replacement). The macroline and fittings do leak slightly until jiggled to get them to seal properly. This gun has NOT had paint through it nor has it been chrono'd so B

T2 Insert with ALL inserts sizes. Can also include a 86 frame with damage for $25 (broken screw inside frame) What you see is what you get. NO TRADES please. $725 shipped to you.

I had this shooting years a few years ago. Previous owner here in Idaho said that ICD added the 2nd braided airline as a factory mod, I talked to a friend who worked there around that time (I actually worked there in the mid 2000's) and he said that they did it a few times, not sure how much it helps, but pretty cool none the less. Comes with: spare Reg/Valve (Pictured) All-Americian barrel (I know it is sacrilege, but only ICD barrel I have). $225 Pay

In great condition. Price is $725 shipped. Has pooty bolt installed, stock also included. NO TRADES

Good Shooter, rarish anno, a few nicks, but still looks great! $250 paypal, shipped. Comes with Velocity adjusting rod and detent rings.

I have a SMG-60 for sale. I bought it from a friend years ago. When I used to play. I never fired it. I am sure it needs work. It does cycle. It has rust on it. First $ 175.00 gets it. I can send pics by email or text. Don't know how to attach them here.

New, never opened. $70 or a reasonable offer.

Selling my mint condition nsg splatmaster pistol with rebuild kit and holster. Also has speed knob to make changing co2 cartridges faster. Marker works perfectly and shoots at proper fps. I ship fast and provide tracking info and insurance. Pm me if interested! $50

I have some new headbands and other stuff that are still new, I will also throw in a T2W stock. $150 shipped Attached Images

I am unsure if I really want to sell this gun. I had this for a while and built this up. It works great and I loved playing with it. There are a lot of parts that went on this build, but Ill the pictures do the talking. Im looking at getting $800 (shipped and insured) Attached Images

Sold Im looking at getting $800 (shipped and insured) Attached Images

I am unsure if I really want to sell this gun. I had this for a while and loved playing with it. Im looking at getting $800 (shipped and insured) Attached Images

SOLD Im looking at getting $800 (shipped and insured) Attached Images

Minimum purchase of $20 please International buyers welcome Valves - Classic valve, matching, non foamy bolt - Pending New bolt spring New bumper (not pictured) Includes old spring, bumper, and 4 powertube spacers Cycles, no leaks. Bodie

I need to scrape together some cash to pay for this year's scenario season, so I have decided to thin the collection a touch. As listed above this is a DRV 2nd Gen, I played a good portion of last year with this thing and I have to say it certainly turns heads. I added a Tippmann A5 Exalt grip to it, as it will slip from your hands during play otherwise. This marker takes practice and consistency on your part to have fun with it. The aim is not the easiest, and you must firmly pull the hamm

Long time no see everyone, I need to muster some funds to kick off this year,s scenario season, so I have a couple markers here and one in the pump section that I am willing to part with. These markers are used, but are in great working shape. The exception is the Outkast, a wire insert disconnected to the eye plug going to the board. So I run it blind, the E-Mag works quite well and has no issues at all. Thanks for looking, Umbrella Outkast Eblade:

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