[WTB] Everything. Electronic marker, loader, 4500 HPA tank.

Hello, Christmas is coming and I want to get my 15 year old into paintball. He's played with rental gear and loves it. I played low level tournament ball about 10 years ago so I'm somewhat knowedgable.

Marker: Electronic but entry level. Under 300$? Something reliable and clean. Empire axe? DP g5? Idk, show me what's out there.

Loader: Dye rotor? Under 120? I don't know much about the newer virtue and HK gear, offer away regardless.

Tank: 4500, 68 ci or under. Something in hydro please

He also needs a good mask, I plan to buy that brand new, but if someone has something super clean I'll take a look. Thinking Dye i4s or whatever the new equivalent is.

I can pay via PayPal. Need items by Christmas if course.

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