**~~ Pewter Macdev Prime ~~**

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3. Refunds are not accepted if dissatisfied with the product. The only condition on which I will refund/trade back is if the product is faulty directly caused by either myself or the shipping service (unlikely).
4. Please post in this thread first before PM'ing me. It helps me keep track of offers and interested parties.
5. I generally know the value of the items I post up for sale. That being said my listing prices are moderately flexible.
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Macdev Prime (Gen1) - Pewter - $550 shipped/PP'd
Marker is in phenomenal condition and comes with everything you would expect. Two barrel inserts, allen keys (missing one), some spare parts, barrel sock and manual. Had it serviced by a Macdev tech so it's shooting up to it's optimal performance :evilgrin: