($_$) Proto PM 5 Black To Blue Fade Fully Rebuilt

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For sale is a Proto PM5 Black to Blue Fade. Just rebuilt (Bolt, LPR, REG) and is ready to go.

Cosmetically not 10/10 but everything is working as it should.

Upgrades are:

CP Locking Feedneck and Violent Trigger

Comes with a unknown ceramic barrel or I can throw in a Smart Parts Freak barrel with 689 insert for a little more.

Common concerns:

Are parts hard to find?- No, parts are still available on places like your local proshop or the internet.

Feel free to ask me questions or would like more photos and videos of it shooting.

$150 with ceramic barrel and $200 with Freak Barrel

Note about the video. It was shot right after the rebuild and the LPR needs to be tuned.