[WTS] Black Proto Matrix 5 PM5 ||| Black Spire IR w/ extras

Pics first.


PROTO project

I have been tinkering with this non stop and finally have it shooting nice but, I'm interested in other guns and this is on the block. It comes with the original board, neck, grips, HPR and LPR. The original HPR and LPR do not function correctly but, I have not diagnosed what's happened to them. I have replaced the reg with an azodin inline. It doesn't hit the trigger guard but has a small gap even when screwed in all the way. There is a Empire relay ON/OFF on an Empire nano rail. The LPR has been swapped with a rebuilt one from a DM4. It has the stock bolt with fresh orings. The barrel is a .690 2 piece from a psychoballistics Cocker. The board currently in the gun is an early tadao board with 15 BPS PSP being it's main ramping mode. I have used the eye delay function to lower the gun from 14 BPS to 10 and I was intending it to be a loaner/ backup/fun gun so I haven't sent the stock board in for an update flash yet. It comes with the hybrid grips pictured. The feedneck is an early shocktech neck with a later shocktech collar. Trigger is aftermarket but, I do not know what brand. I'm waiting on a new battery harness before I'll take any PayPal but, I can post a shooting video with the current one installed. If you have any questions shoot. Case and rebuild kit included. Selling it as a whole. No part outs. 200 OBO

Spire IR

It's all black. It's about a year old. It has the rain lid, ramp, and speedfeed. It comes with a case. Works flawlessly. Not anywhere near as interesting as the proto. 120 OBO

All prices shipped USPS paid via PayPal goods and services. I will invoice you. I reserve the right to not sell to sketchy accounts.

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