Not Another Black Phantom

Just kidding, it is.

Every few months, I come to the conclusion that I need a major change in my arsenal. I think that if I only had a lighter, tighter, more simple gun all my problems would be solved. I'd run faster and dive smoother. My snap shots would be tighter and my balls would fly straighter. Maybe of my setup were different, my girlfriends cat would like me.

Not gonna blame it on the gun at all, but this one only checked about half the boxes and the cat hissed at me WHILE I was feeding it. Take that for what you will, I'm a cocker guy anyway.

So today we have this: Stock or open class VSC rigged (with tube insulation, nice touch) Undercocking kitted HUGE drop having Short barreled (with wear on the tip) Freedummy detent including (x2) Super agg sight rail enabled Phantom

for $250 shipped obo fst *big fan of t

And the pics


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