Syx, M2, M2, 3.5, 3.5, RL Shocker, Luxes

I have some markers below for sale. All prices include shipping and paypal fees. Subtract fees if wanting to pay friends and family.

I ship everything USPS priority mail, tracking will be sent before the item is shipped. Most everything ships day after payment.

Let me know if you have any questions!
PM or post if you would like more pictures. I post one for each marker to keep the clutter down.

Empire Syx
includes case

Dye M2
Includes Case

Dye M2
Includes case, wireless charger

PE Geo 3.5
Includes case
some marks from play and grip jewels cracked

PE Geo 3.5
No Case
Empire Barrel
Some light marks from play

RL NXT Shocker
Freak Barrel
7th Element Board
Some marks from play
No snatch grip

Luxe 2.0
3D Splash
Includes case
Pooty Bolt

Includes case

RSX Shocker
Includes case
XLS Board