More Autococker Parts- CCM, Kapp, Dye, Check It

I have a few more parts for sale. Please add $4 for first class shipping or $8 for a priority mail small flat rate box.
The goods (L to R, top to bottom):

CCM Pump handle- $15
WGP chrome hinge frame with hydrodipped trigger- Chrome is flaking terribly. (4/10 cosmetically, 9/10 mechanically) - $20
Chrome feedneck- PENDING
Chrome Kapp trigger plate- $35
Green Kapp trigger plate- $30
Chrome AIM venturi style bolt (2k+)- $20
Delrin Check-It bolt (2k+)- $35
Blue VASA (round)- $12
Blue VASA (curvy)- $12
Dust red 15° VASA (ano is a little rough)- $12
Pink / silver acid washed phantom trigger shoe- KEEPING
Chrome Check-It on/off ASA- $18
Black Dye sticky grips- $20
Black Hogue grips (no palm swell)- $15