WDP Angel LED Parts/Body's/Solenoids/Wiring/etc.

Ok so I was going to build this out but I am starting a new job and won't have the time to put in.

I have a lot of Angel parts, mainly for older Angels, so if you need something just ask. All prices include paypal but I'm not including shipping, that's up to you. I usually ship flat rate so that's the pricing for shipping depending on what you get.

1st 2 pictures:

Green Angel LE Frame + Trigger + Board $50
Green Angel SE Frame + Trigger + Trigger Guard $65
Green Angel SE Regulator (Beat Up and in need of repair) $20
Green Angel SE Feedneck (stock and scratched) $10
Black Angel LED #960 Frame + Trigger + VASA $40
Black Angel LED #960 Regulator (In need of rebuild/scratched) $25
Black Angel SE Regulator w/ Macro fitting (scratched/fresh rebuild/metric) $45
Black A/M Angel Feedneck (sturdy and works well, no markings) $25
Black Angel A1 Feedneck (Kinda beat up, fits LED-A1 Angels, Adjustable) $45
Silver CP Feedneck (Fits LED-A1, Adjustable) $15
Silver Angel High Rise Twisted Feedneck $10
Bronze/Copper Angel LCD Feedneck $15
Bronze/Copper Angel LCD Ball Detent (Great shape) $20
Angel LED A/M Open Bolt $10
Angel LED A/M Clover Teflon Bolt $10
Angel A1 Solenoid (Working) $50
Angel LCD Board (Locked but 100% working) $35
Green Splash Angel Volumizer (not sure about this, i think it leaks?) $10
Silver Angel Volumizer $8
Nitroduck Cradle with Collar (fits Nitroduck Reg which I also have if interested) $45obo
Angel LCD/LED Triggers $9 ea.

Pictures 3 - 13

Black Angel LED #960 Body (has SE frame attached currently, ram, board & ball detent installed, original jewel, bolt & feedneck are missing) $145
Green Angel LED LE #4979 Body (Solenoid installed, lower internals installed, ball detent installed, jewels intact, frame pins installed, missing bolt, feedneck & back plate (which i think I have somewhere). $100
Green Angel LED SE #7311 Body (Has jewel and exhaust valve intact, original owner) $75
Black Angel LED SE #6977 Body (Project gun, Stripped, stickers/tape cover body damage, exhaust valve & feedneck installed) $35

Picture 14-15
Angel LED Solenoid (working) $65
Angel LED Solenoid w/wiring Harness & Black LED Backplate (working) $99
Silver Angel LCD/LED/IR3 front plug $5
Crossfire 4500 Regulator $40
Silver CP Rail x2 $15 ea.
Silver CP ASA $20
Angel 03 Speed Ram (working) $30

Picture 16-17
Original 18v Revvy in great shape $60
Blue Check-It Products ASA/On-off with Uni-Mount Rail $40

Picture 18

Black Dye UL Barrel Set .684 dust, .688 dust, .688 gloss, .692 dust, .696 dust, gloss 14'' tip with tip wear. $89