The I want a mg100 misc sale, cocker parts, lots of barrels, and more (work in progre

prices do not include shipping and are obo. Many items being added in the next week
Hybrid hinge frame: missing jewel on one side and missing one grip screw others in good shape$40 pending
Attachment 67010Attachment 67011
Cocker bolts: all are 2k full length
Two NOS stiffi bolts one in package other one is loose, no pins with either $20 each pending
Centerflag Jam bolt NOS no pin: 30
AKA lightning bolt with random pin. Bolt is in good shape but doesn’t have the pin retaining hardware inside $15 pending
Delrin bolt with pin. Has scratches along the sides $10 pending
Half aluminum with Delrin front with pin. Matt black anno maybe a fine dust? Has rounded pin and bolt head. $10
ANS slip fit IVG $8
Bent beaver tail for narrow grip frames$2
Beaver tail for wide frames. Good shape $4

Attachment 67012
Pmi 1 parts lot: bolt with orings, bbs and spring, stock grips and grip screws, stock feed tube plug, pin for grip frame, think it’s a main spring might just be random spring $15
Attachment 67013
Reg lot: expect all to be rebuilt I got the hpa regs in a lot and have never used them. Lpr chrome is a bit rough, no barb with it $15 pending
Attachment 67014

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