Bob Long Millennium Low Pressure Project

I am asking for $175 shipped for this, but the price is negotiable.

Bob Long Millennium
- Custom Delrin Bolt made by SSC (stock bolt included as well)
- Custom Low Profile Aluminum Bolt Pin
- CCM Feedneck
- Maddman Rocket Valve with rebuild kit (stock valve and cupseal included as well)
- Maddman Spring Kit
- Old School Freak Barrel Back (Jewels Intact), Lux Freak Tip, .689 Insert
- CP Detent
- NOS WGP Regulator with Exalt Reg Grip
- Custom Stainless Steel Screw Kit made by me
- Random Volumizer

The body has some small scratches and dings, the worst being the idiot marks around the detent as shown in the picture. It cycles but I am not sure what it chronos at. This was a project marker I was putting together for a fun Recball shooter, but I have lost interest in it.

I am not looking to part this. I am pretty sure the value of the parts is greater than the whole, so if you only want some of it you are welcome to buy it all and part it out yourself.