FS: CS1.5, ETHA2, Ego7, DM7, NXT

Not interested in trades. Prices include shipping within the US, USPS Priority Mail insured.

Nickel-plated Planet Eclipse CS 1.5 with FL barrel kit (681 685 689, DW Tip), case, spare parts, hard-tip bolt, manual, PE grease.

Nickel is starting to flake in parts and there are some scuffs. I bought this gun from a former teammate and have not used it myself. I cleaned the entire gun, regreased the bolt and regulator, chronoed to around 290fps, and set to 10.2bps NXL ramping. Gun is ready to go.


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Planet Eclipse Etha 2 with stock barrel, parts kit, manual, case. Also purchased from a (different) former teammate, who was the original owner. Cleaned, regreased, chronoed to around 290fps, set to 10bps NXL ramping. Ready to go.


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Planet Eclipse Ego 7 dust black finish in excellent condition. Includes Freak-bored Shaft 2 barrel and original case. Will include 689 aluminum Freak insert. Hardly a mark anywhere. When I bought it, seller said it has a Ego8 solenoid. Can be set to 2018 NXL 10bps ramping.


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2007 Dye Matrix aka DM7, beautiful gold color in excellent condition with stock barrel, Billy Wing bolt kit, Custom Products continuous flow plug. Includes Dye gun case. Does not include original on/off plug or bolt kit. Since I’ve owned this gun, I have replaced almost all the orings, including in the LPR. Can be set to 2018 NXL 10bps ramping.


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Smart Parts Shocker NXT in gold dust finish with matching freak tip. I bought this gun broken as a project and brought it back to life. All stock with HE bolt, but no ASA or grips and the bolt guide is from an SFT, I believe. Will have 300psi gauge installed. Board is the Nerve cricket board that cannot be capped below 11bps. It is currently set to uncapped semi and shoots around 290fps at 200psi. It will not be NXL-legal without an aftermarket board. This gun has seen a lot of field time and has some wear and nicks.


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