GOG envy with Upgrades

A GOG Envy Paintball marker with the following upgrades:
- 12 inch proto barrel (Blue) barrel has some nicks but the inside is clean
- black heart board with blue laser eyes ( black heart board has many firing modes, and adjustments you can make)
- QEV installed, which lowers the dwell to about 16
-CP Blue on/off ASA with red macro line
- Violent series trigger
- spring ball detents
The trigger frame has been modified to accept the trigger upgrade, the trigger area had to be tapped to accept the screws.
The only thing that hasn't been added to this gun is a upgraded bolt the gun may have a small leak, but I think it's fixed, the Leak only happens once in awhile and its very minor. This could be caused by the Tank I'm using to test it, is at 1,000 psi output when I adjust the regulator on the gun it seems to go away. If you have any other questions feel free to ask
Also- The gun will come with a Case, and the stock barrel and a barrel sock, the case is missing the bottom layer of Foam.
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Please Email me if you would like to see Photos and Are interested in buying.

Price is 175.00 or OBO.