Version 3 Sanding and Polishing!!

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Version 3 of my Thread

Making a new thread because the last one got very cluttered and had a lot of success. I am still sanding and polishing stuff for many people. I have a bunch of pics in my previous two threads, please check out the links above!

Determined by the piece that you have but willing to do cheap work to get some more pieces in!

I send a bunch of pics of the pieces I am doing during the time i have your pieces. I always stay in contact with the people and have had many repeat customers who really like my work. I charge less than what anodizing shops would charge to get pieces done. When we agree on a price and all that you will need to take off the parts you want done and ship them out to me. I ship usps with tracking back to you. It works better via text for me to keep you updated but willing to accommodate your needs.

I have a pretty quick turn around from the time i receive the piece i want to have it shipped within the 7 days after this back to you. This is also dependent on how many pieces you want done and how complex they are.

I have dealt with plenty of people on pbnation when it comes to polishing please look at my feedback and see I have great feedback!

Please send me pics of what you want done and any questions you have!

I am also offering a 5% off for repeat customers and 5% off for any active or past members of the military! Please let me know i am always happy to help out the people that protect and serve our country!

Common Question: Does it leave a mirror like finish?
Answer: Yes here's a pic to prove it: the piece isn't completely done but shows the final finish well.