Strange SFT Shocker project almost all brand new parts Pic Heavy

I cant seem to stop buying things no matter how hard i try. I have decided i need to let a few projects go and this one has gotten the least amount of attention from me since I purchased it. I have a couple cockers I have to finish so everything else is expendable.

So this came to me as new old stock as part of a larger lot of items. 90% of the items I received were brand new although there were a few used items mixed in. I believe the majority of this project is all brand new parts. The body itself is near mint woth some minor wear around the sharp edges of the milling. Only real blemishes are on the vert ASA where it appears somebody used a tool to install and made some idiot marks. Boards (upper and lower) wiring/eye etc are all brand new. Internals I am not sure. They appear to me to habe been installed in the body but not used. Freak back, frame, on/off, 15 degree asa all appear to be new. Everything pictured is included such as several bags of orings that are labeled for a shocker. Grips are new as well although missing one jewel sticker. Does not have a feedneck or trigger but I will double check the parts to be sure they didn't get mixed in with other stuff.

I don't know much about Shockers but got this because I have always liked the looks of them I just won't get to it anytime soon. I will answer questions best I can but odds are if you are looking at this you know more about it than I do

Hard for me to gauge the value, going to say 350 for everything shipped. Only trades would be some high end cocker parts to finish projects with.

Also not looking to part, would like to see this go to somebody who can get it together.