ADN Splyse

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Bought this on a whim on ADN's website.
1 of a few prototypes out in the wild from what I understand.
I've put around 1500 FSR's through this and it has functioned quite well for the mag fed style of play.

Neat design that uses techt inserts in the body before the barrel is attached. Takes dye DAM mags and uses modified KP2 parts if my memory serves me correct.
Pretty consistent over the chrono, shoots quite well for a mechanical gun.

*Includes the base marker ( did not include a reg or asa)
*The spare parts ADN gave me
*4x techt Inserts ( .679, .682, .685, .688)
*Azodin KP3 regulator
*CCM asa drop and CP asa ( I used a pops these replaced it and are more used then the rest of the setup)
* 8x 10rd Dam magazine's
(No barrel included)

Looking for $625 Shipped OBO,