Customized PGP 2

For sale is my PGP 2 with a few customizations.

-The black paint has been removed
-The pump handle was turned by me from Delrin but the original handle is included.
-The pump arm is made from brass, I looked everywhere and I can't find the original to include, sorry about that.
-It has a Cooper-T bolt installed - again I have no idea whatever happened to the original bolt.
-I'm also including a constant air adapter, it's a little beat up but the end where it seals against the valve is smooth. There are some holes I drilled into the screw plug so I could tighten it with a spanner wrench, I found that I couldn't get it to seal only getting it finger tight.
-Also included is an aluminum plug that I had made to replace the plastic front feed tube stopper.
-Lastly the box is included. I no longer have the instruction book or the barrel plug so all you're getting is the box.

More pics:


This has been a well-loved gun over the years, I honestly just don't use it anymore so I figure it deserves a new home.

Price: $100 shipped USPS Priority Mail

Thanks and have a nice day!