Noblett's Aftershock Cocker - Bonebrake Excal - Nexus DC2 - PE Eclipseblade - GMAX

Today I have an extremely special marker for sale.
This is Gary Noblett's personal left feed autococker, which he used to help Team Aftershock win the 1995 and 1996 NPPL World Cup.
The marker's serial number dates the body to around the 1992 era. Gary Noblett hand selected the configuration and Danny Love built the marker for him. Every anodized component - including the bolt, beavertail, vasa, CO2 tank, etc are all hand engraved with #17 prior to anodizing.
Widely considered one of the greatest back players of all time, Noblett's personal marker is truly a holy grail level piece.

I have personally broken the marker down 100%, cleaned, relubed, tuned and timed it back to perfection. Everything works perfectly. There is not a spec of paint hiding in any crevasse.
Marker comes as shown, both with on/off asa and the original CO2 tank and stock.

Price: $2995 Firm
Trades - None


2. Today I have for sale a very rare and clean 2003 Planet Eclipse Eclipseblade Autococker - this is the first version of Planet Eclipse's factory Ebladed Autocockers.

- American Flag colorway
- All original except for HPR (original HPR is a chrome Black Magic)
- Extremely clean condition, few nics on right side of body near bolt, some light fade on vasa, back of frame, barrel tip.
- I have completely broken the marker down and rebuilt every seal, lubed, tuned, timed. It is running absolutely perfect.
- Eblade Version 1.06

Price: $1295
Trades - None