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Our Background

PBmarkertech.com offers a full line of parts and marker repair services for all of your paintball needs. We pride ourselves in quality service and pricing that is affordable. Our certified technicians use factory replacement parts and lubricants so you know all your repairs will be done right the first time. We attend scenario big games, local, regional, and national events; and are always willing to come set up the tent at you're local field.

Quick Price Guide

General Marker Diagnostic - $10.00 - Our technicians will diagnose the problem with the marker and call before any repairs are made.
Basic Repairs - $20.00 per hour. Minimum one hour - This includes a diagnostic of the marker, all repairs made and all lubricants. (This does not include the cost of parts used) The marker will also be chronographed to 285fps.
Upgrade Installation - $15 to $25 - We will be happy to install upgrades to your marker, which will include installing the upgrade and testing the marker fully.
Marker Tune-Up $35.00 - Our marker tune up involves us cleaning, inspecting all critical parts, and replacing o-rings as needed. This also includes pressure adjustments/balancing and chronographing to 285fps. You will also be notified of any signs of wear and needed part replacements (Includes all lubricants, o-rings and labor).

Payment - Paypal unless otherwise specified
Shipping - USPS with tracking

Brands Serviced

DLX - Luxe
Empire - Mini/Axe
Proto - PMR/Rail/Reflex/SLG
Planet Eclipse - Ego/Etek/Geo/Etha
Dye - Matrix LED/LCD/DM4-13/NT
MacDev - Cyborg/Droid/Clone
Tippmann - Pro Lite/Pro Carbine/98 Custom/A5/Phenom/TPX/Crossover
AGD - Automag/Minimag/Emag
BT - Omega/Delta/Slice/TM15/TM7
Smart Parts - Ion/EOS/Vibe/SP-1/Nerve/SFT/NXT/Impulse
Dangerous Power - Fusion/G3/Threshold/Revi
WGP - Autococker/Eblade/Sniper
Bob Long - Intimidator/Marq
Kingman Spyder - All Models

Any questions on prices on parts or services PM me or Email - [email protected]

Check out a few markers that have been serviced -