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Hey Everyone, I have a midnight LV1.1 and Red Shocker RSX and Gold with white parts Macdev Cyborg 6. All are in great condition and work flawlessly. LV1.1 was used the second half of the season and RSX was a back up as well as the C6 and both saw light use throughout the year. Only interested in selling or trading for trades listed below. Buyer pays fee's or gifts and shipping. I will post more pics after the weekend or you can PM for more pics if interested. Trad

Selling my Tippman alpha black with cyclone feeder.

I have for sale a paintball package. I have a angel 1 paintball marker that has only 1200 shots throw it. If you play paintball you know thats not alot at all. Comes with 2 air tanks both need to be hydro befor a place will fill then there both 4500 [...]

$13.95End Date: Friday Jan-6-2017 21:31:43 PSTBuy It Now for only: $13.95

$13.95End Date: Friday Jan-6-2017 21:31:43 PSTBuy It Now for only: $13.95

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So I got this marker from a friend and well, markers with batteries aren't really my style. I'm much more of a pump guy so I have no need for her. I'm looking for a phantom, and I can add for the right CCM. She shoots really nice. I was impressed when I first let some paint fly. $250 shipped and PayPal'd, comes with a dye ul barrel.

$24.99 (0 Bids)End Date: Saturday Dec-17-2016 21:24:42 PST

Electro gun shoots like a champ, rarely use so it's time to get rid of it. Also have other equipment you might be interested in. Willing to sell marker, hopper, and air tank for 160, open to trades Paintball marker-140 Halo too hopper- 40 Valken a [...]

Green Shadow CSR, it's like new only 3500 shots on it. No marks at all on the gun. Come with everything it would like new excpt the stock grips only the green ones. Most stuff hast been unwrapped or even taken from the case. Only trades would be a with lot of cash, eclipse guns or maybe a nice resurrection. $1700 PayPal'd and shipped

The picture don't do this thing justice, my lighting isn't the best, but this thing has lived in the closet with extra gear in it it's whole life. Its never even made it to my truck to go to the field. Asking $100 local. paintball paint ball planet e [...]

Vmax +, speed feed, rain lid. $45. Stickers are removable. Most underrated loader in paintball. Toolless disassembly. Never jams. High capacity. CHEAP.

Title says it. AC threaded Freak with 4 inserts for sale. $75. Couple marks on barrel tip but in great shape.

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Got an lv1.1 all black for sale its only two months old i have proof that its only two months old with about 18k shots through it. shoots amazing. reason for sale i got a new lvr sitting next to it hmu looking to get 750 local south florida miami shipped 800 price is negotiable lmk

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