Selling my dm15. In excellent shape. Little wear on tip of the barrel. Has about 7 or 8 cases shot through it. Gold and red, Has case and all stock goodies. Asking $600.00 Rules - I do not ship first. - Shipping will be a flat rate of $15. If you want faster shipping, you will be paying for it. (this is priority USPS with adequate insurance) - I accept paypal You will be adding the current rate for paypal unless it is sent friends and family. - Please post here

I have the HIGHEST feedback of any seller on PBN who specializes in selling MARKERS. #4 on the WHOLE site! Keep this in mind when you are deciding on a marker and you are worried about getting scammed! I am always getting more guns - Message me if you're looking for something specific! Fastest Response is through PM's!!!! If you can't PM me yet, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Hey guys, today I'm putting up my red and black Darq Marq setup. includes the rotor and 68/45 tank (good till 2016) and a v3 rotor with exalt speed feed. It works great and I'm just seeing what I can get for it. I have no problem keeping it myself and using it! It comes with everything a darq marq would come with except the lucky barrel. so offer up worst I can say is no. Would like Rules: I don't ship 1st! paypa

What do you need to play paintball? A paintball gun of course! Check out our hand picked selection of the best paintball guns on the market. Whether you are looking for a cheap paintball gun or a limited edition gun you will find them at WE FINANCE MARKERS AND OTHER PAINTBALL GEAR. Don't see what you want? Just PM us we will see what we ca

Howdy all, Looking to do a 2-4-1 deal for a cs1. Can add cash if needed. Bring me your Cs1 Can send pics via phone or email. Pm me

I have an Hde Earth Lv1 with only 10k on the shot count. It comes with the matching tan grips. Black deuce trigger and stock trigger. Also has the case, Allen keys (few are missing), oil, manual, stock barrel, orings, extra rammer Looking to mostly trade towards a cs1 or sell. Price: 579 shipped and paypalled Trades: cs1

ONLY THING I ASK IS YOU PAY SHIPPING AND FEES up for sale today is my le silver back DYE Dam (191 of 250) mechanically 10/10 shoots perfect have never had a problem with this gun cosmetically 9/10 pretty clean dam only mark is on the gems(pictured ) ^^^^^^^ mags included box rotor included (bad board) extra all extra parts included ^^^^^^^ adult owned and adu

Remember to add fees for Paypal. Since everyone wants me to text them or something. Additional inquiries can be sent to (512) 763-2113 Tuxedo Black Vanquish 1.5 PENDING -Original Soft Case & Parts -14" Barrel Kit & Inserts

Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Cyborg 6 comes with a full Shift 2 insert kit and everything stock except the barrel sock. I can include the pictured Virtue VIO with the F*ck Cancer strap and a 45/4500 tank w/ Ninja regulator for the right deal. Wants (in no particular order): Gtek 160R HK Shocker RSX Oled Luxe Geo 3.x Possibly others so offer up.

Bob Long insight in dust brown with titanium accents. Gorgeous color combo and in great shape. Both flaws pictured. $350 o.b.o. will include the freak barrel and tips pictured if the full price is paid otherwise it only comes with the stock barrel

I have a Midnight DM9 with BW bolt, UL barrel in .689 (I think, need to double check) and a 45* swivel for sale. Asking $275 for the marker, can add the tank, Boomstick (need to measure) or a Halo B (with new motor) or a Halo Too for extra.

Rules: You Pay, I Ship. Today I have my Luxe 1.5 project up for grabs. I planned on rebuilding the gun but never got around to it. This gun is in great condition and only needs replacing of a few components. It needs a new solenoid and new regulator internals. Could use a fresh set of grips as well and the previous battery did not hold charge super long. It was working great before I used it as a donor for parts to rebuild my brother's luxe. You will get: Luxe 1.5

Sl94 $400 Great shape shoots like butter Everything that it comes with new. Love this gun Geo 2.1 $350 Again great shape Everything that it comes with new. Second Only to my SL Ego X $300 Great Gun not much use at all was a back up a lot of bag time. Everything as new Minus Barrel. [IMG]

Happy New Year 'Nation! Today I have a Rhino sprung Bob Long Insight for sale. It is in great cosmetic condition and in perfect working order. I had other plans for this one to be my main shooter for 2017, but I ran into a "too good to be true" deal on a LV1.1, so this one has to go. Here's the rundown: - Insight - Rhino Spring Mod - VP Deuce Trigger (stock trigger in

I have a mint condition(about 4 pods through it) pure twistr cs1. It comes with the case and all stock goods as well. Mostly looking to sell but open to trades in my favor. Message If interested and will send pics via text or email Price: 1999 obo

Crimson - Excellent Cond - Lightly & Carefully Used.8000+ shots.USD 1050 o.b.o.Shipping included. Whatsapp : +60122480013 for photos and offer. Payment through Paypal or bank transfer.

Seriously though, my photobucket has been acting up so I was not able to upload pictures. BUT! I'll be more than happy to text you pics of this blue beauty. It does have wear, good wear, but not a lot at all. The milling looks amazing and it has all jewels attached *dab*. Has freak barrel and .689 freak insert. Anyways, shoot me a PM if you is interested :tup: :tup: :tup:

Wants (in no particular order): Gtek 160R HK Shocker RSX Oled Luxe Possibly others so offer up. The POW is gone. The Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Cyborg 6 comes with a full shift 2 insert kit and everything stock except the barrel sock. I can include the pictured Virtue VIO with the F*ck Cancer strap for the right deal.

I have a barely used limited edition Lv1, 1 of 24 Gi Sportz Veni Vidi Vici. It's an awesome looking gun looking to try out a new marker like a CSR or CS1 so this needs to go. $775 shipped to your door is a great price for such a rare planet eclipse marker. No trades PayPal only with verified Account. Please PM me for details.

-Please post here and then PM. -Prices are all OBO. -I have plenty of more pics only posted one of each to save the space. Lmk if you need more. -Buyer will receive a shooting video prior to boxing up for shipment so you know you are receiving a quality product. -Check back frequently as I will always be adding new stuff. -You will add 3% for PayPal fees or send as a gift. I also