Few markers for sale. No trades Please. Message me with cash offers. Thunder Shocker- 580.00.************SOLD************** NEW G6R Tactical- 500.00************SOLD************** GTEK 160R (16k Shots)- 635.00

Looking to purchase tank, marker, hopper. Will look at setups including mask and barrel kits would be a big plus. Best offer I have right now is M2, spire, ninja sl for 850. Looking to spend 850. Cash is in hand, and would entertain offers for just a marker, but it's gotta be a very good deal. Thanks, Anthony

Looking to sell my CS1. Has the v2 frame, and shoots flawlessly. Stock barrel was used maybe 2 times. What you see is what you get. Let me know if you're interested! Can provide more pics upon request. Oh and no trades unless it's money Price $950 Trades

Black LV1 shoots great. Def a players gun but not abused. Comes with gun case and stock .689 barrel and both rammers. HDE grips. black grips included as well Price is pretty firm at $540. For 25 more I will include the purple CP .682 barrel. Trades: PL and rare Angels (plus cash depending on the gun), or Angel related gear. Very interested in any Joy Angels. Mild interest in Emags, ULE mags and Xmags. Please nothing else. Can

Hey guys, Got a Black Planet Eclipse GFL Ego LV1 w/ 3 Shaft backs + case for sale. Looking for $650, this thing has never let me down. Send me a PM, no trades.

Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 Paintball Gun - Krypton Ice For sale only. Great condition and fully functional. Barely used. No dings on the barrel tip. No major scratches. Grip is in great condition. Only 11,000 shots. Includes: Geo 3.5 marker Allen Wrenches Lube Soft Tip Bolt Spare Parts Case Manual $750 paypal fee and shipping included.

1. Be mature. 2. Speak English. No 1337 speak. 3. YOU PAY, THEN I SHIP! It's that easy. 4: YOU SHIP, I TEST YOUR GUN, AND THEN I SHIP! If you're gun isn't working or isn't as we agreed, I will keep it until I fix the problem, and we will decide what I will be taking away from my part of the deal to compensate for any time or money it cost me to fix your gun! 5. If you ship snail mail, I will ship snail mail. I will not overnight any

I have a gray and black Dye NT10. Gun sold as is. Grips show sign of use, as well as the dye decals on the gun are gone. Has a CP ASA. The feedneck clamp is a little jank (the pin holding the clamp is coming out can't get it all the way back in, a couple scratches around the feedneck from the pin rubbing). It also doesn't seem to want to unscrew or loosen. Turn it either way and it loosens a little then tightens back up. The gun is perfectly functional, used it this past weekend. Comes with

Remaining markers available: CSL SL94 SL74 First up Panther CSL. For those of you that don't know this is the SL edition of the 2011 Ego. Only 500 were made. Very difficult to find complete ones and I have not seen a Panther in a while. While mine is not complete, it is only missing one CSL tip (the 16"). My price

Hello I have for sell a GTEK Stretch Fire. Im looking to sell it for $450obo. I have only shot 3 cases through it. I am its original owner so gun is still practically new. Im only looking to sell the gun no trades please. PAYPAL ONLY!!!! Ill take care of paypal fees you do shipping. Comes with everything that you see. Also its original box from when i bought it at the store. If you have any questioning please pm me. Thank you

Hey guys, Since the season is over I've decided to put my m2 up for sale. I've used it for all five NXL events and a millennium event. It has shot flawlessly. Dye just replaced the battery at cup as well. The comes with everything except the barrel condom and the multi-tool. Both were lost/stolen...who knows. Nonetheless, I have both barrel backs, the barrel tip, blank warranty card, owners manual/usb card thing/usb cable/unused small parts kit. The gu

Chrome 3.5 - 750 Shipped everything as new included NO TRADES Dont want to sale but going though divorce so need gone.

Sad this day has come so soon but lifes in the way and need some cash. Looking for cash or downgrades with cash! -Virtue oled -Supercharged Custom spd grips -comes with pressure tester and old grips along with box and soft case 475 obo When i say flawless i mean i cant find a scratch anywhere! Post before pming! Now for the pics.

Empire Axe barely used. Nothing wrong with it, shoots amazingly and has good colors! Empire Axe goes for: $300 and you pay for shipping and fees! Or $320 shipped SOLD-Virtue Spire Hopper also very good condition Also selling the whole (Gear bag) set up here: http://www.pbnation.com/showthread.p...6#post95719986 YOU pay for PayPal Fees & Shippi

$ ONLY,NO TRADES Immaculent DM15 Gloss Silver. Comes with case, all stock goodies , and extra matching boomstick. Boomstick is stuck together but still shoots great. $475 FIRM shipped and insured. I eat PayPal fees. PM for faster response Attached Images

Selling a nice shooting Midnight LV1. Gun comes with -case -factory barrel -new barrel sock -extra ram -spares -manual -PE lube Gun is 9/10 cosmetic (gun does have slight marks on the front left side/eye cover and the barrel tip has a couple of marks and 10/10 mechanical. Cleaned after each day of easy woodsball play (no speedba

#1 of the 10 Released Limited Edition World Cup Splash LUXE ICE Black with 3D Green Splash I bought this beautiful marker brand new, and have only shot 2 cases of paint through it. There is not a single flaw or any wear at all. The marker is the closest thing to new as it can get. I decided to buy a CSR instead, so I am putting this beauty up for sale. Lets find her a good home. Marker comes with everything as it was brand new. Price:

2k5'd dragon for sale. Marker has some tool marks and dings (visible in photos), but is clearly still an eye catcher. There is a small chip next to the barrel threads. No asa included empire/infamous 1.5 (10 bps ready) abomb trigger guard bl barrel .689 evil bolt hybrid ram cap hybrid feedneck unknown lpr cap cp trigger (i think) $400 Serious buyers pm me. NO TRADES

- Etek 5 (with all original accessories) - EMC Gemini kit - OLED screen - POPS ASA - Pooty Bolt - Carrying case - BT tactical vest - remote line with quick-disconnect - Ninja fill whip - Trinity air-through T-stock - Misc. stuff (Tripod handle, BT tank cover, 98-compatible stock) $475 OBO NO PARTING, NO TRADES. Thanks.

No story y'all don't read anyway Midnight Skies(Black) M2 29k shots All case candy besides dye tool Just put a hard reg seat in No scratches or marks just a very tiny split in back of the grips Will have pics up after work can't figure it out from my phone Want 750 shipped and paypalled Will look at trades but must be in my favor Will just sell them anyway with no where to pl